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I propose that before we release 8.0.0, we should develop a "bantracker" module of some sort. This would allow for users to be able to use BBot as a ban tracker, which is a very useful feature.

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I think this is a great idea, but we need to make some good decisions on what the ban-tracker should be like.
I have a feeling that it would be one of the most popular BBot modules if it was written.

Somethings I think the module should have:
 * Unique ban IDs
 * The ability to AKICK or similar
 * The ability to set +q or +b depending on owner preference
 * The ability to remove bans after a set number of time
 * Anything else?

So, what exactly should the module do, and what do we name it?


I believe we should also incorporate the ability for timed bans, however we can use that in the second release of the module.

As for naming, I am unsure, but something simple and to-the-point would probably be a good idea.


**EDIT** We should also assume that this will not be used on a charybdis or ircd-seven based network, we should also include an option to disable non-chary options, such as +q (which is quiet on ircd-seven nets as well as chary)


There will probably be an option in the config.cfg file to set specific modes for banning or maybe even other actions to take like kicking or removing a user.

What do you think about Btrack for the name?



I think that "Btrack" or similar would be a fine name for the module. When we develop it, we will need to discuss about how we should include it (after its released) into the Debian PPAs, either as an addon package or as incorporated into the standard stable packages.



Blueprint status: Started (by aj00200). Coding for basic options which are not dependent on mode-api will be done. At such time that mode-api is required, status will change.



Blueprint status: Blocked. Waiting for the mode-api blueprint to be completed.

-- AJ00200

Any updates? mode-api according to the blueprint system here shows that it is implemented, and this is just sitting here.



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