bbot-makeconf: Edit the script for Interactive Choosing of Modules to Load

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By design, the bbot-makeconf tool is designed to allow a user to make the configuration file which stores in their home directory. But also by design, its not as interactive as needed. I propose that prior to the release of BBot 8.0.0, we should update the makeconf tool so that you can allow the user to choose what modules to load. As well, we should not allow the makeconf file to remove modules that are essential to operation, and we must explain a tiny bit about what each module does, so that the user can decide whether to load the module or not.

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This seems like a great idea. I would love to have some sort of curses ui even, or maybe just the option of editing specific values or creating a new config. The option to backup the old config would be a good idea as well.



We could hard-code the makeconf to do the following:

(a) Check the user's home directory prior to writing to the config file.
(a) (1) If current config.cfg exists, rename it to config.cfg.old; if a config.cfg.old file exists, remove it, and rename config.cfg to config.cfg.old
(a) (2) If no current config.cfg file exists, create it with the information provided

We could also recode the makeconf file to allow you to choose whether you want to edit a current config, or whether you want to create a new config. Or, create a second script perhaps called bbot-editconf which will check if a config.cfg file exists, and will allow you to edit it, which may help differentiate between the tool that makes a config file and a tool which edits a current config file.


***EDIT*** Along with this edit, I am marking this with a series goal of 8.0.0


Should this be continued at all, or should we mark this as "Will Not Complete", or something, as I have been out of the loop for some period of time regarding BBot.



I think we can still do it, but I am still waiting for some direction as to whether or not we should use a curses ui or do it all via raw_input.



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