12.04 LTS certification testing

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As usual the Canonical hardware certification team will be hosting a session at UDS to plan and gather feedback about the general run of the certification programme for Ubuntu.

For 12.04 LTS these are the goals of the improvements of the hardware certification team:

== Blocked systems follow-up ==

When a system fails certification for a particular system the hardware certification team is doing a good job opening bugs, helping developers to debug the error and testing candidate fixes and packages.

This is a great start, but for 12.04 LTS we need to improve the way we follow up those blocked system. How do we know when a system has been unblocked? When do we recertify?

We need a proper policy for this, plus the needed integration between the certification site and Launchpad to be able to do this in an automated fashion.

Also, we need to have good reports to help us following up for bugs waiting verification on -proposed.

== Improve the efficiency of regular testing ==

Right now, the hardware certification team performs two types of regular testing: weekly testing on the development release and SRU testing on the kernels in -proposed.

The weekly testing is currently run against all the systems scheduled to be certified in the next Ubuntu release and the SRU against all systems certified for the Ubuntu release that the SRU is being released for.

We want to improve the efficiency of this type of regular testing by reducing the number of systems tested. The idea is to maintain a list of the minimum set of systems required for each of the testing.

== Functional and stress testing coverage ==

Every 6 months the hardware certification team revisits the list of components that are covered in the certification programme and the list of tests that are part of the certification site.

We will revisit the list and come up with a list of things that we will need to include (or remove) to the list for 12.04 LTS certification.

Some ideas:

 * USB 3.0
 * 30 cycles suspend and hibernate
 * Multitouch
 * Battery
 * Wifi slider (FCC requirement?)
 * BIOS modes: uEFI vs Compatibility vs Legacy

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 * Full certification run has been completed one month before Kernel Freeze (starting when Alpha3 image is published) on all 12.04 applicable systems
 * Full certification run has been completed at KernelFreeze for systems failing on Alpha3
 * Full certification run has been completed with the final image on all 12.04 applicable systems
 * A system is in place to track systems that are blocked for certification (including knowing when they get unblocked)
 * A previous version of this tracking system is in place for systems certified with 11.10
 * The certification guide is updated for 12.04 to reflect the changes on the coverage
 * Weekly testing results are delivered every week, starting on Alpha 1, run on the minimum set of systems that cover all components


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