PlainBox SRU Demo Readiness

Registered by Zygmunt Krynicki

We need to get plainbox ready for a demo run of SRU testing. Since this is a rather large and important topic we are going to deviate from the typical routine and use a blueprint to track all the issues and code associated with that.


ZK: I've created the initial set of work items, feel free to expand on those as additional work items so that everything stays smooth and clear. Each work item should be something we can just, split large items please.

Status : 2013-03-14 (converted to YYYY-MM-DD)

zyga: Fix and land xml generator (merge request pending). Next steps, land it
sylvain: Update xml exporter to support attachments (branch ready). Next steps, propose and land
zyga: ensure that whitelists keep working with local job hack in
roadmr: Come up with a way to submit results (branch in progress)
brendand: autostart package (branches in progress, issues testing package with autostart)
brendand: preseed updates (dependent on the above item)

Status: 2013-03-25:
roadmr, zyga: finish and land the c4 upload transport code
zyga: investigate problems with resources, change jobs in compatible way, write docs
brendand: finish autostart code, integrate with roadmr into the min-CI system

Status: 2013-04-22:
the CI loop needs to be converted to use packaged autostart things
the checkbox-certification stuff need to be updated to have a 'plainbox' switch on run_tests


Work Items

Work items:
[zyga] Land pkexec support: DONE
[zyga] Fix and land xml generator: DONE
[zyga] Fix and land html generator (we may POSTPONE this): POSTPONED
[sylvain-pineau] Finish and land attachment support: DONE
[sylvain-pineau] Update xml exporter to support attachments: DONE
[sylvain-pineau] Provide support for canonicalID, etc in the xml exporter: DONE
[sylvain-pineau] Add support for 'environ' job key: DONE
Add support for discovering whitelists from CheckBox instance: POSTPONED
[brendan-donegan] Add support for matching jobs against whitelists (using re, not fnmatch): DONE
Add support for referring to a whitelist without absolute path: POSTPONED
[brendan-donegan] Simplify whitelist command line handling (rename -W to -w): DONE
[zyga] ensure that whitelists keep working with local job hack in DONE
Support resume auto in headless mode: DONE
[zyga] (not essential for sru) Fix outstanding bugs in the requires= parser / evaluator: DONE
create a daily packaging recipe (we may POSTPONE this): DONE
[zyga] Update current release package for plainbox 0.3 release: POSTPONED
[brendan-donegan] Create a daily package reciple and feed it into the daily ppa: DONE
[roadmr] Come up with a way to submit results: DONE
[zyga] Land basic usage documentation: DONE
[zyga] Write a chapter on SRU testing: INPROGRESS
[brendan-donegan] Create plainbox-autostart-desktop package that runs plainbox sru tests after the user logs in: DONE
[brendan-donegan] Create plainbox-autostart-server package that runs plainbox sru tests after the server boots up: DONE
[roadmr] Modify preseed files to install plainbox on SUTs: DONE
[zyga] Refactor code that implements the run command to share it with sru: POSTPONED
[zyga] Add a config system to plainbox so that we can read secure id and environment: DONE
[roadmr] Ensure that mini-CI loop uses new plainbox-autostart package: DONE
[roadmr] Ensure that production plainbox SRU system uses the plainbox-autostart package: DONE
[roadmr] Ensure that preseed magic generates the plainbox config file with secure-id and environment settings: DONE
[roadmr] Publish the min-ci system setup as a branch after it transitions to the package-based version: DONE

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