Clean up db code in glance

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This is the base BP for others BP, that should collect all other BPs around DB.

This work was done in nova and should be done in Glance also:

1) use oslo db code
2) provide unique constraints
3) shadow tables, to remove deleted rows from table
4) migration tests on all backends with real data
in feature (after nova implementation):
5) sync db models with real tables after db-migrations and add tests that checks this.
6) check indexes (add or remove for better performance)

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Boris Pavlovic
Boris Pavlovic
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We've had a few good discussions about this bp and the related work on IRC. The general conclusion is that there is a lot of fantastic work to do here, but that most of glance-core is a bit concerned about the implementation specifics.

In that context, acceptance for havana means we'd like to see patches during havana, and determine what makes sense to land during havana, but some of the design is still pending acceptance in general, or acceptance specifically for havana, once we see the code in the form of patches.

Thanks so much, sorry this is kind of a contentious issue!

<slightly later, markwash>
Actually, I think there is a launchpad tracking problem if I leave this targeted at havana-3, when several of the dependencies might need more time. So for now I need to untarget it just for bookkeeping purposes. Thanks for your understanding.


At this moment I am writing in openstack-dev mailing list.
Where I would like to explain as much as it is possible 4 things:
a) what we have in DB at this moment
b) what we would like to have
c) detailed process
d) current status and our resources.
So I think that it is better just to wait this email.

And by the way sorry for wait. We are currently waiting for some patches in oslo..
But I hope they will be soon available for sync.

-- boris-42


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