Create a new Gwibber plugin for Google+

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Once becomes more than just invite-only, I would love to see Gwibber integration (in the form of an installable .deb of a plugin) for it...

Hopefully when the Google+ API comes out, it would be much easier...

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Bilal's opinion:
 1) Why is Mark the approver, drafter and assignee of this blueprint?
 2) I don't think anything can be done until Google opens up the API. Even after that, I don't think this deserves a UDS session. Ken and/or Ryan might want to implement this feature immediately after the API opens. I doubt if any discussion is needed about that.

Randall's opinion:
1) I second Bilal's opinion, and,
2) I'd prefer to see us focus on DIASPORA*, which doesn't have an API yet either, but hopefully soon:

Ken's opinion:
I actually think we could benefit from a UDS session on this. We need to do some brainstorming on how to fit Google + concepts into a aggregated client like Gwibber. How do we map Circles to current gwibber concepts, or do we need rework how we filter content and posting to allow handling of circles? We just need to make sure it is a design session not a "we all agree google+ integration is cool".

Randall again:
Good point Ken. We should at least start making some design decisions. The DIASPORA* concept is "Aspects", which pre-dates/inspired G+ Circles. Recommend that anyone reading this Blueprint play with DIASPORA* (on the main developer pod) to get a sense of how it works. (or I have invites if there is still a waiting list - email me for one.)


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