Android Continuous Integration and Building

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This discussion will focus on Linaro Android continuous integration and builds. Topics include: infrastructure and validation requirements, test subsets for merges and unit testing.

topic will include:
1. Where we can get the source for Integration
2. Infrastructure requirement for specific builds
3. Validation requirement for merges

Possible Action Items from the discussion:

1. Document 0xbench.

2. Extend 0xbench to be the interface to all on-Android device testing including support for selecting test subsets for continuous integration merge tests.

3. Enable iterative builds using the continuous integration framework.

4. Document and create manifest show where all code comes from.

5. Track how each branch is related to upstream.

6. Get and track proprietary blobs from members.

7. Create tests to smoketest proprietary blobs at the point of integration.

8. Integrate CI with the code review and validation system.

9. Integrate power management tests.

10. Extend CI to batch patches together for testing.

11. Add an easy to use interface to add and remove tests.

12. Create an easy to read interface that summarizes test results into a percent passing, with click drill down.

13. Change linaro-android-image-create to support NFS/tftpbooting trees.

14. Create and implement a plan for multimedia testing.

15. Automatically update the feature matrix and the star rating.

16. Test power consumption.


Session notes:

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Zach Pfeffer
Jeremy Chang
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Jeremy Chang
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Accepted for 2011q2
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For component level continuous integration see:

This task is similar to since the code review system is a vehical for Continuous Integration. This task will mainly focus on infrastructures.

Work items (month 1):
Document 0xbench: TODO
Extend 0xbench to provide an interface to run a subset of tests: TODO
Release 0xbench source outside of build: TODO
Document integrating and building 0xbench: TODO
Extend 0xbench to support Pass/Fail tests: TODO
Automatically load and test a build on each target: TODO
Update the feature matrix with what's working on the build and whats not: TODO
Define peripherals for each build target: TODO
Add peripherals to each build target: TODO
Support tftpboot and NFS mounting Android devices: TODO

Work items (month 2):
Extend the infrastructure to retest a build: TODO
Provide an online interface to select different test sets: TODO
Add power consumption testing: TODO
Add a feature to communicate the status of a patch in the CI loop (a dashboard): TODO


Work Items

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