Linaro Ubuntu LEB process for 11.11

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 * Release Process and Milestones for Ubuntu LEB 11.11
 * LEB Board candidate process and requirements
 * out of cycle hwpack update process
 * board rating and release process
 * agile development process
 * communication
 * testing and validation

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Ricardo Salveti
Ricardo Salveti
Ricardo Salveti
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Slow progress
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Ricardo Salveti
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David Zinman

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[rsalveti, Aug 9, 2011]: useful discussions during Connect, new ETA end of next week.
[rsalveti, Aug 25, 2011]: unfortunately not yet done, new ETA is first week of September, and quite critical now as it'll be used by dzin.
[dzin, Sep 27, 2011]: put into the backlog. Need to rethink. 1. Connection with Ubuntu, 2. Monthly release, 3. Integrate with LAVA, CI loop
[dzin, Feb 28, 2012] Obsolete. We will start a new clean slate when process are better defined.

User Stories:
1. As the product owner I'd like to have the release process and milestones for Ubuntu LEB 11.11 documented and available at the Linaro wiki.

2. As a SoC and board vendor I'd like to know the process to make my board supported officially by the Ubuntu LEB provided by Linaro.

3. As a SoC and board vendor I'd like to know the process to make new hwpack updates available for the users.

4. As a platform developer I'd like to know about the development process used during the cycle.

5. As the product owner I'd like to know about how the images and boards are tested and validated during the development cycle.

6. As the release manager I'd like to know about the communication process for every release during the complete cycle.

Headline: Release Process documentation is now available at the Linaro wiki page, explaining all the images supported, how the SoC vendors and LTs can produce the hardware packs, and how the Linaro WG deliverables are integrated at the Ubuntu LEB releases.
Acceptance: Document available at the Linaro wiki page covering all use cases defined by this blueprint.


Work Items

Work items:
Discuss with Asac and Fathi to get more input and understand better how we're proposing the monthly releases for Dev Platform: DONE
Describe about both the stable and development releases: TODO
Describe what's needed to make a board officially support by Linaro, releasing official Ubuntu LEB images: TODO
Describe the hwpack update workflow during the cycles, and how to integrate newer component releases: TODO
Describe how the images are validated during the monthly cycles: TODO
Publish the release process and request feedback from Asac and Fathi: TODO

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