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Review the core apps development process to look for improvements for the next cycle.

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# Review Core Apps Development from Saucy Cycle

In the last cycle we developed a bunch of core applications by a new process for us. We'd like to learn from this and improve it for future cycles. We welcome all kinds of feeback - good and bad! :D
Feedback from community core apps developers

- [vthompson] I think we should try to get more developers to keep wiki items up to date. Things such as testing apps on the device by community members would be nice to have. Getting core app developers to help out more than just their project would be beneficial to all.

- On teams with a small number of developers (in my case 2 UI developers and 1 backend dev), there needs to be a way to find people to review a merge request when the other developers aren't available. I often had merge requests sitting for a few days or more.

- [asomething] ↑ Creating an equivalent of the ~ubuntu-core-dev that can review/commit across all core apps would be interesting. It could help with the above. This could also come with Ubuntu membership like for distro developers.

- [vthompson] What if a ~ubuntu-core-dev team is created to include just a handful of interested developers. This team would then be added to each core app dev team. We could then introduce a process that we'd need 2 or more of these devs approve a MR before it is deemed good enough.

- could be used to make an overall view of core app merge proposals. Code hosted at

- [nik90] Collaboration worked well, video hangouts useful. every core app should have regular hangouts (weekly) to get questions answered. hangouts > email. Perhaps hangouts with community team might be preferable over IRC meetings. High bar to contribute components to the SDK. Better communication of SDK blocking bugs to SDK team


Work Items

Work items:
[popey] Review wiki pages and update / cleanup: TODO
[dpm] Add section on cross-collaboration between apps in the development guide: TODO
[andrewsomething] Investigate creating an ubuntu-core-app-dev (or similar) team to review/triage across core apps, including guidelines: INPROGRESS
[andrewsomething] Look into modifying the distro sponsoring queue code to work with core apps reviews: INPROGRESS
[popey] Make it easier for designers to get access to latest branches of code: TODO
[popey] Emailing out summaries of core apps meetings should be done after each meeting: TODO
[popey] Switch from IRC to hangouts and etherpad: TODO
[dpm] Document best practices for core apps developers (e.g. keeping wiki updated, reviews, triaging) TODO
[popey] Improve documentation for testing apps both on device and in the emulator (when available): TODO
[popey] Setup regular meeting with SDK team to follow up on blockers: TODO

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