Scopes documentation and template update

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Now that the new scopes API for 14.04 has landed, we need to update the documentation on This includes:
- An updated general overview
- An updated architectural overview
- Updated API docs to be imported to d.u.c/api
- Updated scopes template in Qt Creator

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Local scopes:
- query local data, but can use remote sources
- Bindings:
  - C++: available
  - Go, 90% ready, not a target for 14.04, pending conclusion on cross-compilation issues
  - JavaScript in experimental status, on target for post-14.04

Remote scopes:
- recommendation is to create REST servers and register them in the Canonical servers
- however, Python scopes submitted to the Canonical servers are also supported
- we won't be including them on the developer site for 14.04

Unity Scope Tool:
- unity-scope-tool package

Scope template bug tracker:

Scopes API docs:
- Staging (latest version):
- Production (pending IS to action an RT to deploy latest changes):


Work Items

Work items:
[dpm] Update scopes landing page ( DONE
[dpm] Update scopes architectural overview ( DONE
[dpm] Update scopes cookbook, covering remote and local scopes ( TODO
[knitzsche] Update local scope tutorial copy: INPROGRESS
[stolowski] Update local scope tutorial code: DONE
[dpm] Publish a remote scope tutorial: POSTPONED
[facundo] Publish a remote scope tutorial: POSTPONED
[mhall119] Import local scopes API docs into the d.u.c API site: DONE
[mhall119] Work with IS to deploy the latest API site changes to production (RT#68755): DONE
[mhall119] Resolve unity-8 vs ubuntu-14.04 framework versioning for the scopes API URL: INPROGRESS
[dpm] Publish the remote scopes API on d.u.c manually ( POSTPONED
[dpm] Write publishing guide for local scopes: BLOCKED
[dpm] Write publishing guide for remote scopes: POSTPONED
[stolowski] Provide an updated list of the new scopes API concepts and descriptions: DONE
[stolowski] Provide a local scopes template: DONE
[bzoltan] Convert the local scopes template into a Qt Creator template: DONE
[bzoltan] Add click packaging support to the local scopes template in Qt Creator: BLOCKED
[bzoltan] Integrate the scopes toolkit into Qt Creator (bug 1297190): TODO
[stolowski] Check if the Unity Scope Tool can also be run from the build directory (i.e. scope installation is not a requirement): DONE
[stolowski] Provide a list of dependencies required for the SDK to run the scopes template: DONE

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