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Follow up on discussion from ubuntu-devel in September about how to improve the upload process for app developers to make it more scalable:

Please note: this specification only focused on applications that are uploaded to the Extras extension repository. Thus, this process does not cover developer uploads of newer versions of software in the existing main archive (which includes the main, restricted, universe and multiverse components). We do want to explore and discuss the best way to provide updates for main archive apps, but those are out of scope for the current revision of the spec.

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Come up with a roadmap for improving the app developer upload process to make it scale out properly, addressing:
 - the need for packages to be namespaced so human intervention is not required to resolve conflicts either before or after the fact
 - balancing the needs of this new process with those of the existing universe processes, so that this doesn't cause more work for MOTU
 - long-term, allowing packages that already exist in universe to have newer versions packaged by upstreams in extras in a supportable way

- We need package name checking in myapps
- Remove the conflict checker part of the spec,as it's obsolete
- Update descriptions and mockups to remove support for tarballs & ppas
- Check translated application names (.desktop files) for duplication of Ubuntu archive packages
- Best practices recommendations for app naming
- Come up with a policy por .desktop file names to prevent problems with e.g. *

Alternate non-physical verification:
- Have one or more Ubuntu Members vouch for a developer's identity
- Add screen mockups and work items for members to verify the developer


Work Items

Work items:
[mhall119] Replace - with _ when used in package namespacing in the new app developer upload process spec: DONE
[dpm] Remove references to file conflict checking in the new app developer upload process spec: TODO
[dpm] Update mockups in the new app developer upload process spec to remove the use of PPAs and Tarballs for uploads: TODO
[dpm] Ensure there is a link in the spec to the current developer agreement at in the new app developer upload process spec: TODO
[allison] Double-check the current developer agreement at TODO
[dpm] Decide, if proceed with allowing physical verification without pay, have number of people who verify the identity to be greater than 1 (maybe 3+ ?): TODO
[mhall119] Clarify that new versions of an app go through the same automated review process in the new app developer upload process spec: DONE
[jdstrand] (re)review language surrounding 'PACKAGE RESTRICTIONS' in the new app developer upload process spec: POSTPONED
[dpm] Cleanup upload section references to pkgme uploading: TODO
[ajmitch] Change copy interval from PPA to Extras to be on every publisher run: TODO
[ajmitch] Re-evaluate when to open the extras archive (instead of Beta): TODO
[persia] Provide information on what product managers agree on for milestones (related to opening the Extras archive): TODO
[mhall119] Follow up on Visibility text in USC in the new app developer upload process spec and how to define which apps to include: BLOCKED
[dpm] Send an update to ubuntu-devel as soon as the first batch of tooling/infrastructure for the new app developer upload process are implemented: TODO