Bikeshed: a foster home for orphan tools

Registered by Dustin Kirkland 

Dustin Kirkland recently announced a new package for Natty called 'bikeshed':

Bikeshed is a collection of random but useful tools and utilities that either don't quite fit anywhere else, or have not yet been accepted by a more appropriate project. Think of this package as an "orphanage", where tools live until they are adopted by loving, accepting parents.

Too often, contributing a small, useful script to an upstream project is many orders of magnitude more difficult than actually writing the code. Thus, many people have handy tools hidden in their own $HOME/bin directories.

Things to discuss in this session:
 * Are there potential foster parents (ie, better homes) for some of the current utilities in the project?
 * Do other people have useful tools that they'd like to contribute?
 * What's in your $HOME/bin that other people might find useful?
 * Would ubuntu-dev like to assume maintenance/ownership of the package/project?

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Robbie Williamson
Dustin Kirkland 
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Current toolset:
 * 1..9, NF
 * bch
 * bzrp
   - talked to Robert Collins
 * dman
 * pbput/pbputs/pbget
   - talked to Stephane Graber
 * release
 * release-build
 * wifi-status
 * errno
   - currently in ubuntu-dev-tools, Tim Gardner of the kernel team said he'd put it somewhere in the kernel packages)

== Session Notes ==

 - moreutils (Sometimes tools are rejected)
 - Bikeshed: Orphanage where small utitlities are kept if rejected by moreutils.
 - ubuntu-dev-tools - Only for Ubuntu Development
 - wine has experience something similar, has a collection of scripts in a google code project, with many contributors, updated frequently
 - Binary packages for groups of tools. (i.e. Wine Scripts, dev-tools, etc)
 - pbput/pbputs/pbget - Port to python.
 - Media convertion scripts also welcome.
 - What about Aliases to certain commands?
 - No dependencies. Other packages should break/replace bikeshed.
   - scripts within bikeshed may depend on eachother though (and if they do should be in same subpackage)
 - All executables in /usr/lib and not in /usr/bin?
 - concern: taking valuable short name space (eg 1,2,3,4,5)
   - somewhat alleviated by putting those into own package
   - could just change names (awk1, awk2... or col1, col2... or acol or something)
   - could put into its own path folder that wasn't priority
 - Will it go into Debian?
   - Will depend on who will maintain bikeshed.
   - If Dustin doesn't have control over it, might not be a good idea to depend on Debian to get it into Ubuntu.
   - No objections to have it in debian, if users, devs, etc, approve it or don't find any problem with it.
 - To get new scripts, proposing a merge should be enough. Keep in mind the licensing.
   - consider package description as well if we put your script into one of bikeshed's binary packages

== Actions ==

 - ACTION: [] Investigate ISC license.
 - ACTION: [] Add note "Do not depend on other packages"
 - ACTION: [] Rename some of the tools (1 to ...), define standard ("at least 3 chars, name can't duplicate something in archive, name shouldn't be deliberately temporary")
 - ACTION: [mvo] sponsor debian uploads of bikeshed now and into eternity


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