Derived Archive Rebuilds

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Provide a way to do rebuilds in a derived archive rather than a copy-archive for more

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Scott Bambrough
James Westby
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James Westby
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Accepted for maverick
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milestone icon ubuntu-10.10-beta
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James Westby

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All major decisions made. Work items in progress.

Work Items (maverick-alpha-2):
Implement ability in Launchpad to subset archive when creating copy archive: DONE
Contact IS to discuss disk space requirements and buildd load: DONE

Work Items (maverick-alpha-3):
Implement API for requesting creation of copy archive: POSTPONED
Implement ACL for creating copy archives in LP: POSTPONED

Work Items (ubuntu-10.10-beta):
Implement using the Launchpad job system to create copy archives: POSTPONED
Implement full deletion of all artefacts of copy archives: POSTPONED
Document how to set up copy archive with different toolchain: POSTPONED

Work Items (ubuntu-10.10):
Get a new machine set up with a publisher to publish copy archives: DONE

Work items (deferred):
Implement adding build records for successful builds: POSTPONED
Implement marking whether an archive should allow rebuilds: POSTPONED
Implement version support in build records to indicate rebuild version number: POSTPONED
Implement API support for requesting rebuilds: POSTPONED
Implement HTML support for requesting rebuilds: POSTPONED
Implement a script to approximate rebuilds by making sourceful uploads: POSTPONED

 * I don't understand how "Implement adding build records for successful builds" is different to the items below where you're requesting rebuilds. A build record has to exist before a build can start. -- Julian
   - Adding a second build record for successful builds. Currently they would only be created when there was a source but no binary. Retries would create new ones, but only where there was no previous successful builds. -- james_w
 * Adding build records en-masse is very slow, we've already got something in the pipeline to do this, the PackageCopyRequest table, which should be populated very quickly via an API request and then processed later in the background. -- Julian
    - That's for Launchpad, but these are workitems for an implementation in vostok. We may take a similar approach if we see the same things though. -- james_w
 * Do you mean no-change source uploads by "approximate rebuilds by making sourceful uploads"? -- Julian
   - Yes -- james_w
 * How else do you intend this to be different from COPY archives? -- Julian
   - Well it will be a different implementation. As for LP as far as I understand it COPY archives can't accept uploads. The spec talks about why we want to do more than COPY archives. If I'm wrong then it will be very easy to implement this spec in LP.


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