Porting Ubuntu Touch preview to saucy

Registered by Steve Langasek

The Ubuntu Touch preview images released in February are based on quantal. Identify the work required to forward-port these to raring and integrate them into the Ubuntu archive.

This discussion is only for the components canonical is not upstream for and can mostly be found at: https://launchpad.net/phablet-extras. A full session is dedicated to the components we are upstream for (https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/client-1303-delivering-touch-apps-to-raring)

Blueprint information

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Sebastien Bacher
Sebastien Bacher
Sebastien Bacher
Series goal:
Accepted for saucy
Milestone target:
milestone icon ubuntu-13.06


Packages currently customized/added for Touch:
* libhybris: need clean-up and work sending modifications to upstream, so we can include the upstream based package
* mountall: should be discarded based once we have a proper ubuntu/android container model
* network-manager: extra change to ignore p2p0 devices, might be easily ported as a packaging patch until better discussed with upstream
* ofono: quantal release + new rild based modem. We might need to have a separated working tree until that is merged with upstream. Packaging patch should work, just concerned about the maintainability of it.
* pulseaudio: patch to fix a crash when trying to force a master mixer, should be sent to upstream asap
* resolv-conf: should be discarded based once we have a proper ubuntu/android container model
* maliit: needs further discussion if that will still be the desired solution for virtual keyboard
* qt-gstreamer: port to qt5, should be forward to upstream as well
* telepathy-logger-qt: port to qt5, should be forward to upstream as well
* telepathy-python: extended API support, should also be fine to be worked with upstream + packaging patches
* telepathy-qt: port to qt5, should be forward to upstream as well

Session notes:
device plugin: rild
we are on 1.9, last release was 1.12 (in december)
there has been a lot of work on bluetooth headsets support
the current container is not running udev, which means we don't get dynamic devices detection (we hardcode those atm) -> to be covered in the container session
things to do:
- enable rild?
- look if the rild work is still compatible with the current release
ofono supports looking for plugins in a directory and load them
* libhybris
current version is a "fork" of upstream, next action is to rebase on upstream and send back
timeframe: 1 week
that's a blocker for other pieces to land
* mountall
discussion to have in the container discussion (will be fixed with lxc)
* network-manager
ignore p2p0 devices
all the android wifi drivers are exposing those p2p interfaces
-> upstream the patch
-> another option: try to patch the kernel to filter those out
other patches:
disable polkit and session tracking
-> polkit: depends on X?
* resolv-conf
should be fixed one
Fix broken /etc/resolv.conf symbolic link by modifying upstart script to restore it.
/etc/resolv.conf is supposed to point to /run/resolvconf/resolv.conf, but for some reason our tarball based IBS builds don't include the link, but instead include an empty file in /etc. This is currently under investigation by the PES infrastructure team, so this should be considered a temporary fix.
* couple of upstart jobs are disabled, included plymouth


Work Items

Work items for ubuntu-13.04-month-5:
[rsalveti] Update the libhybris codebase to be upstream compatible (we want the upstream based version at raring): DONE
[rsalveti] talk to upstream about the pulseaudio patch: TODO
[sergiusens] clean up the upstart job for plymouth situation: DONE
[seb128] talk to bfiller/tvoss about our onscreen keyboard choice: TODO

Work items for ubuntu-13.04-month-6:
[cyphermox] Speak to upstream NM about p2p0 patch; identifying P2P interfaces: DONE
[cyphermox] work with Mir team to handle session tracking for NM: TODO
[seb128] figure out what's the futur of polkit: TODO
[sergiusens] check if the resolv-conf changes are still needed: DONE
[sergiusens] Fix resolv.conf issue in the build: DONE
[ken-vandine] look at telepathy-qt patches and dual build for raring: TODO
[boiko] upstream the telepathy patches: TODO
[didrocks] connect Gustavo (boiko) with pitti to see if we can replace telepathy-python with correct telepathy instropectable data for pygi: TODO
[didrocks] get android-audiosystem in S: TODO
[lool] talk to people about the hud/platform-api integration: TODO
[ted] investigate having brightness control working, in the phabet power indicator: TODO
[rsalveti] deliver libhybris to saucy: DONE
[rsalveti] deliver ofono-qt to saucy: DONE
[rsalveti] deliver telepathy-logger-qt5 to saucy: DONE
[rsalveti] deliver telepathy-qt5 to saucy: DONE

Work items for ubuntu-13.07:
[sergiusens] Update maliit-framework package and push to archives: DONE
[sergiusens] Update maliit-plugins package and push to archives: DONE
[thomas-moenicke] Refactor lp:phablet-extras/maliit-plugins into only the ubuntu plugin and name it maliit-plugins-ubuntu: TODO

Dependency tree

* Blueprints in grey have been implemented.