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This blueprint is meant to capture the work to be done for creating or updating Ubuntu Touch panel components. This means either creating a the UI compoent in Qml or taking the Qml ui component as is from UbuntuTouch and integrating against actual backend services, as some of these had been stubbed out for initial development.

Acceptance criteria
#1) component presence in the UI per spec
#2) >90% unit testing coverge

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kevin gunn
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Unity UI Team
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Accepted for saucy
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milestone icon ubuntu-13.10
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kevin gunn
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kevin gunn


[saviq] May 23rd, things to remember:

We need to later hide the search label when dash isn't focused (and even later - interface with the app to see if it supports search to determine whether to hide or not).

Also it feels like it's the search label that will hide when there's too many indicators, and it should be the other way 'round - it's the overflow indicators that should hide.

Aaand also the SEARCH label will need to get replaced (slide in from the bottom) with corresponding MUSIC, APPS, etc., or the actual search query (in double quotes).

Aaaand it should also be possible to edge-swipe the search entry down (should on the phone, not only tap on it...


Work Items

Work items for ubuntu-13.05:
[cimi] create API documentation per SDK team instruction in order to eventually implement date picker widget: DONE

Work items for ubuntu-13.06:
[nick-dedekind] Kill indicator clients, merge into Unity: DONE
[nick-dedekind] Make indicators-client code read .indicator files to load indicators: DONE

Work items for ubuntu-13.07:
add autopilot testing for indicator access: DONE
[tpeeters] sdk modifications to tab control for behaviour changes: DONE

Work items for ubuntu-13.08:
[nick-dedekind] update panel behaviour to match design document: DONE
Custom widget for gps/location activity: DONE

Work items for ubuntu-13.09:
Custom widget for bluetooth device & connections: DONE

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