Create 3 usability options for a committed user testing Apr 3

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This blueprint is meant to capture the design team specifications, priorities around an effort to collect usability testing for UnityNext. Recent feedback has indicated that the UnityNext design is currently too complex for certain users, in order to help refine the behavior of screen transitions & make it more simple/obvious for users 3 options will be created for testing.
#1) very little hidden edge behavior
#2) medium focus on edge behavior
#3) edge behavior as-is, but emphasizing a key edge as a guide
more info can be found in spec link

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Gerry Boland
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Accepted for saucy
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milestone icon ubuntu-13.05
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kevin gunn
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kevin gunn

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Following document details the task list:
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Target to be complete Apr3 for testing.
Need some prioritization from design team.


Work Items

Work items:
Disable HUD: DONE
Dash: change ‘running apps’ category to ‘recent apps’; place in home lens instead of frequent apps category; limit to two rows: DONE
Bottom edge toolbar always visible [SDK patch + lensbar]: DONE
Right edge - disable all gestures: DONE
Left edge - disable 2nd & 3rd phase: DONE
Left edge - bring in launcher and nothing else happens: DONE
Left edge - Launcher Ribbon mode: DONE
Top edge - pull down or tap on indicators opens device mode always. (but tap on search opens search): DONE
Dash launcher icon contains a 'home' symbol: DONE
Right edge - focus home lens on recent apps in Home lens when invoked through right edge gesture: DONE
Left edge swipe - during left swipe of application, app does not dismiss until finger released: DONE
Top edge - down swipe or tap over left section ("search") invokes search. (low priority): POSTPONED
Right edge - from app, goes to home lens. From dash, returns to previous app: DONE
Right edge - Dragged view does not get dismissed until finger release: DONE
Left edge - Launcher Ribbon + release mode: DONE
Dash launcher icon more noticeable (similar to option 1): DONE
Top edge - Spread indicator touch targets equally across the screen: DONE
Top edge - Disable the lockdown: DONE
Top edge - resolve diagonal selection bug: DONE
Bottom edge - toolbar visible on all view switches, page change in the app, switch between apps. When user interacts with app, toolbar hides, and must be swiped up to show again. [SDK patch + lensbar] (low priority as hard): DONE
Left edge - swipe goes to home lens: DONE
Right edge - focus home lens on recent apps in Home lens when invoked through right edge gesture: DONE
#1130102 [W/M] gestures in apps near the edges are detected as edge swipe: POSTPONED
#1123569 [SHELL] "emerge from backdrop" animation is not played when dismissing greeter over an app: POSTPONED
#1127627 [Shell] Search icon in menu bar should be removed when focus is not dash: POSTPONED
#1130446 [browser] Bottom edge swipe is detected 8gu away from edge: DONE
#1090358 launcher should appear above OSK (v. hard): POSTPONED
#1123154 Keyboard is displayed on top of launcher instead of being grayed out with the opened app: POSTPONED
#1090423 [dash] Swipe from bottom should at least bring up the lens bar: POSTPONED
#1090564 [osk] keyboard remains on the screen after pulling down an indicator: POSTPONED
#1091196 OSK stays on the screen when right-edge swiping between apps: POSTPONED
#1111598 [osk] Keyboard is too persistent: POSTPONED

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