Qt 5.1(.1) migration plans and blockers

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Qt 5.1(.1) migration plans and blockers.

Saucy feature freeze is here, but there are known bugs with Qt 5.1 (ppa:canonical-qt5-edgers/qt5-beta-proper) / Qt 5.1.1 (ppa:canonical-qt5-edgers/qt5-beta2). Qt 5.1.1 snapshots are essentially identical to final tarballs being released.


Qt 5.1.1 (usable PPA): ppa:canonical-qt5-edgers/qt5-beta-proper
Work-In-Progress PPA:s ( rebuilding with final tarballs, released 20130828 with 1 MacOS related commit difference to ~20130820 )

Upgrade instructions for 5.1.1~20130820 (mobile & desktop):

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:canonical-qt5-edgers/qt5-beta-proper
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
sudo reboot

To revert back to archive versions:

sudo ppa-purge ppa:canonical-qt5-edgers/qt5-beta-proper

== Known Issues ==

Generally works, but some issues, see https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/+bugs?field.tag=qt5.1

Bug #1214374: Include patch to Correct geometry for "@2x" pixmaps Fix Committed
Bug #1217335: qmenumodel fails to build on i386/amd64 against Qt 5.1.1 Fix Released
Bug #1215414: CMake path error in Qt 5.1.1 Fix Committed
Bug #1217693: webbrowser-app crash with Qt 5.1.1 [fixed with rebuild] Invalid

[Needs developer work]
See work items

== Why we need 5.1.1 ==

- QML/Scene Graph event loop rewrite that's more trustworthy
- input support for accented characters
- possible to drop qtquick1 from SDK
- ...

== Potential Issues ==

- Additional issues may be found with more/formal testing like http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/270/builds/50650/testcases - will these be executed?
- Builds failing against 5.1.1? Looks quite good! Mostly everything builds: http://is.gd/5Calkj (builds against qt5-beta2, don't confuse with ongoing new 5.1.1 final builds / dependency waits) + http://is.gd/PuhaYi

== Status Document and Uploading ==

- Going forward with Qt 5.1.1? Consensus is yes. FFe will be needed.
- Detailed status document and upload order to Ubuntu:

4 rebuilds needed: qtubuntu, qtubuntu-sensors, unity8, webbrowser-app. https://code.launchpad.net/~canonical-qt5-edgers/+recipes


Work Items

Work items for ubuntu-13.09:
[timo-jyrinki] Update to final Qt 5.1.1 tarballs: DONE
[timo-jyrinki] Recipe for webbrowser-app daily build: DONE
[timo-jyrinki] Make backup of Qt 5.1.0 packages to canonical-qt5-edgers-qtwebkit: DONE
[timo-jyrinki] Copy 20130820 packages to qt5-beta-proper: DONE
[timo-jyrinki] Copy final versioned packages to qt5-beta-proper: DONE
[seb128] Sponsor the uploads and rebuilds to archives: TODO
[timo-jyrinki] Make FFe (sil2100 for the QPA bits): DONE
[pat-mcgowan] Talk to fginther about running tests (including ISO testcases): DONE
[sil2100] Bug 1157213 Port appmenu support to Qt5 QPA (aproximated to around 10-12 continuous hours of work): INPROGRESS
[fboucault] Bug 1207270 Font size too small in browser with Qt 5.1: INPROGRESS
[robertcarr] Bug 1215374 qtubuntu fails to build against Qt 5.1.1 on i386 amd64: TODO
[bzoltan] Bug 1217331 ui-toolkit fails some tests against Qt 5.1.1: INPROGRESS
Bug 1217338 qtubuntu-media fails to build against Qt 5.1.1 on i386 (only) (lower priority as qtubuntu-media is not used anymore by default): POSTPONED
[thomas-moenicke] Bug 1217702 OSK stops responding on Qt 5.1.1: INPROGRESS
[timo-jyrinki] contact balloons rsalveti plars on public call to testing: DONE

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