Indicators work for 14.04

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This blueprint collects all working items for 14.04 indicators.

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Ted Gould
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TBV: to which degree need the app indicators be ported for 14.04?


Work Items

Work items for ubuntu-13.11:
[charlesk] datetime -- adjust header to use format strings and decrease IPC traffic: DONE
[charlesk] datetime -- tests for alarm functionality: DONE

Work items for ubuntu-13.12:
[charlesk] bluetooth -- Change visibility logic (overflow from 13.10): DONE

Work items for ubuntu-14.01:
[charlesk] datetime -- improve meaningful test coverage: INPROGRESS
[charlesk] datetime -- export calendar dates to account service: INPROGRESS
[charlesk] datetime -- export time format to account service: INPROGRESS
[charlesk] datetime -- test for pulling data from account service in greeter mode: INPROGRESS
[charlesk] alarms service -- implementation: INPROGRESS
[charlesk] alarms service -- testing with EDS support: INPROGRESS
[charlesk] datetime -- use alarms service: INPROGRESS
[ted] sound -- export info AccountServices: TODO
[ted] sound -- tests for the data provider and consumer ends of exported data: TODO
[pete-woods] appmenu -- export current menu from HUD: TODO
[pete-woods] appmenu -- migrated indicator-appmenu package over to HUD: TODO

Work items for ubuntu-14.02:
[charlesk] bluetooth -- flight mode: TODO
[charlesk] bluetooth -- mock BlueZ for testing (blocks other tests): TODO
[charlesk] bluetooth -- tests for flight mode: TODO
[charlesk] bluetooth -- test adding a device: TODO
[charlesk] bluetooth -- test adding a device with a PIN: TODO
[charlesk] datetime -- further alarm support: TODO
[charlesk] sound -- greeter privacy settings: TODO
[charlesk] messaging -- greeter privacy settings: TODO
[charlesk] system-settings: greeter privacy settings: TODO
[charlesk] mpt convergence items: TODO
[charlesk] transfer menu: TODO
[ted] sound -- greeter support: TODO
[ted] sound -- test greeter support: TODO

Work items:
transfer - implementation: TODO
datetime -- design for alarm 'snooze' feature: TODO
datetime -- ensure that alarms work properly on a locked screen: TODO
bluetooth -- support for keyboards: POSTPONED
[charlesk] messaging -- export info AccountServices: POSTPONED
[charlesk] messaging -- tests for the data provider and consumer ends of exported data: POSTPONED
[charlesk] messaging -- greeter support: POSTPONED
[charlesk] messaging -- test greeter support: POSTPONED
messaging -- support for "hero" items on desktop: POSTPONED
messaging -- QML API for messaging menu: POSTPONED
messaging -- tests for basic client items: POSTPONED
location -- add support for trust store: POSTPONED
location -- list apps currently using location service: POSTPONED
location -- tests for application lists: POSTPONED
sound -- Additional support for media service: POSTPONED
[ted] application -- support gmenu indicators: POSTPONED
[ted] application -- port to new new architecture: POSTPONED
[ted] application -- convert dbusmenu indicators to GMenu: POSTPONED
[ted] application -- test coverage: POSTPONED

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