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By 13.10 we've got a wide selection of scopes, an easy way for developers to create new scopes and the smart scope server that returns ever more relevant results. While this is great, it's not yet there where it should be. It's still missing better browsing capabilities (to refine searches), e.g. support of departments, embedded filters or links to relevant other scopes or results of other scopes. Also, the display capabilities of both the result page/categories/dash and the preview are quite limited which does not always allow scopes developers to visualize the results in the best meaning content sensitive manner.

Goal is to resolve all those shortcomings for 14.04 Unity 8. Unity 7 will not benefit from those improvements from UI/usability point of view. Focus is on Unity 8 and phone.

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Thomas Strehl
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Michi Henning
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Work Items

Work items for ubuntu-13.11:
Add functionality for proper invocation of scopes: TODO
First draft of scopes API: TODO
Define way to select rendering template and card layout: INPROGRESS
Investigate js bindings: TODO
Start on go bindings: TODO
Make mediascanner more robust, some refactoring: INPROGRESS
Add album support to mediascanner: TODO
Create standalone dash app by extracting relevant components from current dash: INPROGRESS

Work items for ubuntu-13.12:
Establish communication channel to SSS via REST: TODO
Second iteration on scopes API: TODO
Implementation/porting of home, music, video and app scope to new API: TODO
Proper scope invocation: TODO
Investigate in-place previews: TODO

Work items for ubuntu-14.01:
Optional iteration on scopes API: TODO
Further work on scope porting: TODO
Implement preview API: TODO

Work items for ubuntu-14.02:
Cleanup thumbnail caching: TODO
Album art retrieval utilizing different providers: TODO

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