Building an unity8 desktop image

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The goal is to ramp up the quality of the unity8 desktop, without destabilizing our current environmenent. For that we are going to keep an unity7 image and add a new one for unity8 on the desktop, that new iso should become the default one by 16.04.

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Sebastien Bacher
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The goal for 14.10 is to have a desktop iso running unity8 on Mir, including the new core apps.

The first version of the iso is going to include Xorg still (needed for our current lightdm greeter and ubiquity).

Details on the wiki,


Work Items

Work items:
[seb128] define a list of packages to include on the iso: DONE
[laney] figure out how to build a custom iso: DONE
[laney] get the new image added to the list of official ones: DONE
[mterry] Make unity8-greeter usable on Desktop: TODO
look at feature gaps in the greeter and things we need to implement: TODO
talk to QA team about ISO testing (live image/installer): TODO
set up testing for the new image: TODO
define the tests to run on the image: TODO
get the test results added to the dashboard: TODO
get the installer working at least in only-ubiquity (installer only) mode, installing from the live session is a wishlist item for this cycle: TODO
look at pre-installing clicks on the ISO: TODO
[seb128] write a wikpage about the iso/how to test/where to report issues/known issues/etc: DONE
[seb128] add unity8 to standard iso smoketesting process: TODO
[bregma] check for unity8 on INPROGRESS
[nskaggs] update wiki sites and documentation for running unity8: INPROGRESS