Settings panels for Ubuntu Touch

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That blueprint has the details of the workitems for the individual settings panels



Details of the backend side:

Details of the Online Accounts panel:

= Panels being worked for 13.06:

* about-this-phone (seb128):
* background (laney):
* network (ted) (backend side, used by both indicator and panel):
* sound (seb128):

= Panels to work on for 13.07?

* a11y (TheMuso) (Blocked until we have details on the a11y features to include)
* power (larsu)
* network (ted?)
* date&time (charlesk)
* accounts (mardy and ken-vandine)
* language&text (attente)

= Panels to work on for 13.08?

* phone (ted?)
* location (larsu)
* security&privacy (didrocks)
* bluetooth (?):


Work Items

Work items for ubuntu-13.06:
get an example of qml source reading informations from a file on disk (going to be used in several panels): DONE
get an example of qml source getting informations from a dbus method (going to be used in several panels) (background does that): DONE
[seb128] write the about-this-phone panel UI: DONE
[seb128] about: figure out where will the manufacter/model/os-versions infos will be stored (/etc/os-release?) (done using qtsystems): DONE
[seb128] about: define where the device serial number will be stored and how to get it (libhybris): DONE
[seb128] about: figure out where the IEMI serial number will be stored and how to get it (ofono has a method to get it): DONE
[laney] write the background panel UI (initial implementation): DONE
[ken-vandine] work with larsu on cmake/packaging for gsettings bindings: DONE

Work items for ubuntu-13.07:
[laney] Get reusable widget for cross fading images into the SDK: DONE
[laney] background: query gsettings to get the current background and display this: DONE
[laney] background: Figure out where the 'Welcome screen' background is stored and how to set it (spreadsheet says accountsservice, written code to interface with this (RO atm)): DONE
[laney] Make it possible to launch to a specific panel: $ system-settings background: DONE
[laney] Write cellular panel UI (initial implementation): DONE
[laney] Write the phone panel UI (initial implementation): DONE
[seb128] write the storage sub-panel UI: DONE
[seb128] about: display the real device serial number: DONE
[seb128] about: get the IEMI number from the device: DONE
[seb128] about: get the licenses informations on the image: DONE
[seb128] storage: implement sorting of the applications: DONE

Work items for ubuntu-13.08:
[mardy] write the accounts panel UI ( DONE
[themuso] write the a11y panel UI: POSTPONED
[ted] write the network panel UI: DONE
[laney] write the date&time panel UI: DONE
[attente] wite the language&text panel UI: INPROGRESS
[seb128] Continue the phone panel UI: INPROGRESS
[charlesk] write the bluetooth panel UI (based on the work done for the indicator): DONE
[seb128] write the sound panel UI: DONE
write the location panel UI (needs trusted service): BLOCKED
[laney] write the security&privacy panel UI (mostly done): DONE
[seb128] about: talk to the foundation team about how to get the current-update-date information with the new image based updates (needs the image to start being used): DONE
[seb128] about: talk to the foundation team about how to check for available updates: DONE
[seb128] storage: build the real list of applications (needs click packages to start being used): DONE
[seb128] about: write code to list installed applications and their size (blocked on having apps in their new format available to test): DONE
[ted] get the indicator-network backend to provide what is needed for the system : DONE
[laney] storage: write code to get "free/used by ubuntu/used by app" space informations (blocked on image/apps details to settle down): DONE
[seb128] battery: write the UI: DONE
[seb128] battery: get charge informations: DONE
battery: screen settings: DONE
battery: enable/disable wifi: DONE
battery: enable/disable bluetooth: DONE
battery: enable/disable gps: BLOCKED
[seb128] background: check with mterry that the greeter is using the accountsservice's image (lp#1218402): DONE
[seb128] bluetooth: check status with charlesk: DONE
[seb128] talk to charles about exporting screen slider: DONE
[seb128] battery: look at using indicator actions for the wifi/bluetooth/gps switches: DONE
[seb128] language: talk to OSK people about settings interfaces: DONE
[seb128] cellular: ask awe/rsalvati about setting data mode (lp#1211804): DONE
[seb128] phone: ping renato/bill about contact picker (in saucy, qtdeclarative5-ubuntu-contacts0.1): DONE
[laney] check with ev the status of the whoopsie settings: DONE

Work items for ubuntu-14.04:
[seb128] talk to the phone-app people about sharing informations for call forwarding/waiting between settings and the phone app: TODO
[kaijanmaki] add action items for the move of PIN components to indicator-network: TODO
check if location service let us implement the design (allow/deny access to specific apps): TODO
[cyphermox] wifi: figure out with mpt what options are needed: TODO
[cyphermox] wifi; file a bug about being able to delete an access point: TODO
[ken-vandine] accounts: check that all accounts are working/have the qml files then need: TODO
ask mpt about the lens privacy settings/granularity (backend might not support it): TODO
[seb128] datetime: check with awe the status of timed: TODO
[seb128] rotation: check with Mir team what's the status: TODO
[seb128] follow up with QA about testing: TODO
[larsu] talk to the sdk team about calling dbus methods from qml: INPROGRESS
[seb128] talk to mardy about loading local plugins: TODO
[seb128] talk to design about icons in the theme: TODO
talk to the unity/sdk teams (Saviq) about rotation lock: TODO
[larsu] talk to Stef about a resetAll for AS: TODO
talk to mfish about reading customization changes/how to reset e.g tz: TODO
[laney] define a reset API for plugins: DONE
[laney] about - should be hidden if there is no regulatory informations: DONE
[seb128] about - talk to mfish about regulatory informations: TODO
[laney] about - imei should be hidden if not available: TODO
[charlesk] bluetooth - support for non headset devices: TODO
[seb128] battery - move full charge label under the graph: DONE
[seb128] add scale marks and yesterday/today labels: TODO
[laney] battery - improve the charge graph (colors/dot line/smoothing): DONE
[seb128] battery - update graph dynamically: TODO
language - talk to the sdk team about changing language dynamically: TODO
language - move "keyboard layout" checkboxes to the right: TODO
language - rename options to match the design: TODO
cellular - talk to awe about data mode: TODO
[ken-vandine] cellular - update to items' order to match the design: DONE
[ken-vandine] background: implement Ubuntu Art browser/selector: DONE
[ken-vandine] background: create page to select source, ubuntu art or a source app: DONE
background: Implement cropping and automatic optimization of selected wallpapers: TODO
[mpt] cellular - design for manual adding of APNs: TODO
[cyphermox] cellular - investigate how to do "data usage": TODO
cellular- should give feedback during "registration" and on errors: TODO
wifi - handle hidden network: TODO
wifi - managing other networks (deleting, setting a password): TODO
wifi - inline passwords: TODO
[larsu] look at notifications: TODO
[seb128] talk about notifications apparmor privileges/how to list softwares: TODO
security - implement settings password/passcode once the greeter is ready: TODO
security - integrate with the SIM management from indicator-network: TODO
security - implement PIN settings: TODO
location - location detection can be enabled: TODO
location - list of apps needs the trust-store to be implemented (tvoss is working on it): TODO
datetime - use picker from the SDK once they are implemented: TODO
datetime - implement wifi/cellular settings once we get an proper api to query the online/data status: TODO
sound - store sounds in accountsservice: TODO
sound - enable locking sound once the greeter provides it: TODO
other app access - blocked on trust store: TODO

Dependency tree

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