General X.Org plans for Saucy

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The biannual catch-all X discussion session. If you are involved in a project that directly depends on the X stack, or needs a particular feature from the stack, come along.

Blueprint information

Sebastien Bacher
Needs approval
Maarten Lankhorst
Series goal:
Accepted for saucy
Milestone target:
milestone icon ubuntu-13.10
Started by
Maarten Lankhorst

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Versions expected:
- xserver 1.14, or even 1.15 if video abi doesn't change (omap needs a special version with video abi reverted to 1.13 though)
- mesa 9.2.x
- latest X drivers
- kernel 3.10/3.11?

Goals for Saucy:
- Radeon UVD support
- review intel va-api status
- proper radeonsi support
- NVIDIA Prime support
- migrating to upstream pointer barrier API in Unity (due to xserver 1.14)
- proper touch screen support (see also
- xmir?
- mesa changes for Mir?

OMAP is going to be interesting as it has its own 1.13 stack which is going to be delivered using the stack rename hack we use for the LTS HWE stacks.
Need to talk thte Unity people about which version is going to be used in the X world. Unity indicated that in a pure X world we should be using Unity 7.x. (including with a system compositor).
We would like to go to at least 1.14 for the touch input fixes we have gotten into upstream. We should also look to 1.15 if it is working well.
MESA should hit 9.2.1 in time for saucy.
On the assumption the kernel is 3.10/3.11 we should be able to cope, from X's stand point newer is better.

 - we would like to have radeon drivers updated to get UVD (video decode support) on the open source drivers. This is dependant on 3.10 kernel. This also should bring proper 3d on the latest h/w.
 - support for Prime to be added through the nvidia-319 package and the optional installation of the nvidia-prime package.
 - intel va-api: gstreamer 1.0 support is packaged
 - pointer barrier api:
 * need to sync the update to unity update (unity update is ready, just waiting for new
 - touch support:
   * this should basically work, there are still some issues
   * being handled as bugs in the normal flow of things
 - mesa for mir
  - we are going to want to have some mir option in 13.10
  - we need the egl stream extension for example
   - this should allow the prop drivers to play (confirm)

- nvidia-prime script is uploaded in saucy, allowing the use of nvidia gpu.
- piglit tests are running:
- xorg-integration-tests autopkgtest is blocked on x1.14, as are the input fixes to touch. A call for testing has been put out.


Work Items

Work items:
[ubuntu-x-swat] create autopkgtest for piglit: DONE
[mlankhorst] create autopkgtest for xit: INPROGRESS
[tjaalton] test radeonsi and uvd support: POSTPONED
[tjaalton] update intel va-api gstreamer: POSTPONED
[albertomilone] nvidia prime testing: TODO
[mlankhorst] upload x 1.14: DONE
[mlankhorst] get touch bugs fixed, or move to 1.15: DONE
[mlankhorst] upstream locking for dma-buf: INPROGRESS
[mlankhorst] help airlied with online gpu switching: TODO
[mlankhorst] migrate arsenal-scripts (for bug graphs etc) to a more permanent place: DONE