Testing of ubuntu-system-settings

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We want to do a better job at testing our settings, that blueprint is going to list the work involved to reach that goal

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Sebastien Bacher
Sebastien Bacher
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Work Items

Work items:
settings-app - test that the panels are correcly sorted (.settings rank first, than alphabetic order): TODO
settings-app - test the translations: TODO
settings-app - test that calling settings:// urls change panels: TODO
flight-mode - test config changes (value updated, state remains after closing/reopening): TODO
orientation-lock- test config changes (value updated, state remains after closing/reopening): TODO
[kaijanmaki] wifi - test turn it on/off, check aps list: TODO
[ken-vandine] cellular - look at pitti's mocking and see how it can be used there: TODO
[ken-vandine] look at mocking the cellular settings: TODO
[charlesk] bluetooth - test that the on/off toggle works: TODO
[charlesk] bluetooth - check if it sees discoverable headsets: TODO
[charlesk] bluetooth - test connecting an headset: TODO
[charlesk] bluetooth - test pairing/pin entry: TODO
[charlesk] bluetooth - test that the ui does the correct thing when disapparing devices: TODO
[charlesk] bluetooth - test that the ui does the correct thing when disconnecting devices: TODO
[ken-vandine] background - verify that "ubuntu art" images are listed: TODO
[ken-vandine] background - test that picking an image returns a valid uri/files: TODO
[ken-vandine] background - check that the gsettings key get correctly updated: TODO
[ken-vandine] background - mock content-hub?: TODO
background - test the same image/different image for greeter and user background: TODO
background - test the logic for the "what's the most recently changed image": TODO
[seb128] sound - test that changing ringtone and message updates the gsettings key: TODO
[seb128] sound - test the vibration/qtfeedback: TODO
[seb128] sound - test keyboard sounds and lock sound and that their config gets updated: TODO
[attente] language-text - test that the list of languages matches the installed langpacks: TODO
[attente] language-text - test that the option changes when validating and not when not validating: TODO
[attente] language-text - test that the labels displayed translated after changing the option: TODO
[attente] language-text - test osk options, changes them, focus a text entry, test osk behaviour: TODO
[seb128] power - use pitti's upower mock to test current charge/status: TODO
[seb128] power - talk to pitti about mocking charge history: TODO
[seb128] power - test that changing idle time updatges gsettings: TODO
power - test wifi/bluetooth/gps on/off: TODO
power- test brigthness through in the indicator: TODO
security-privacy - test that toggles update their corresponding gsettings keys: TODO
security-privacy - integration tests for the greeter, up to qa team?: TODO
security-privacy - check with ev for whoopsie tests: TODO
[didrocks] update - test the update panel, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ImageBasedUpgrades/Client: TODO
[seb128] about - check that the labels reflect the correct system informations: TODO
[seb128] about - "check for update" should call the corresponding panel: TODO
[seb128] about - check that licenses are listed: TODO
[charlesk] storage - add a mock "backend" in addition to the glib one: TODO
reset - check that resetting launcher/home screen does reset the gsettings/accountsservice configurations: TODO

Work items for ubuntu-13.12:
[laney] main page - check that battery is visible if you have a battery and is not if you don't (use upower mock): DONE
[laney] settings-app - test dynamic visibility: DONE

Work items for ubuntu-14.01:
[laney] datetime - check that locations are correctly listed: DONE
[laney] datetime - check that the filtering is working: DONE
[laney] datetime - check that picking an option that isn't matching the current tz bring you back to the previous screen and update the value: DONE
[laney] datetime - check that doing it again with the same tz doesn't change anything: DONE
[laney] datetime - test automatic tz selection, mock timedated (not supported yet): POSTPONED
[laney] datetime - test manual time selection (needs faketime): TODO
[laney] datetime - check if the sdk team has tests for the pickers (yes): DONE
[laney] storage - test click packages integration (shell wrapper based approach should work): TODO
[laney] storage - test that the model sorting is working: INPROGRESS

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