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Welcome to Ubuntu Developer Summit!

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Nick:Categorize the content more like a newspaper so people can go deep.

Category Ideas:

Mobile experience sucks. Static content needs loves,

- Juju (Nick Barcet, Jorge and Kapil)
- Cloud Guest (Nick Barcet, Ben and smoser)
- Cloud Infrastructure (Nick Barcet and smoser)

Work Items:
[utlemming] Update documentation links which are wrong and have out of date information: DONE
[jorge] Give people access to fix the stuff in the portal.: DONE
[jorge] Reduce duplication, syndicate instead of double copying.: DONE
[jorge] Rename "featured" tag to "cloud" so it gets auto posted on DONE
[jorge] investigate disqus or something better than the existing comments.: DONE
[jorge] Publish taxonomy guidelines that everyone will follow.: DONE
[jorge] Investigate renaming footer text to make it easier for users "Does this page need an update?": DONE
[jorge] Make it clear how people can submit their blogs to cloud.u.c.: DONE
[jorge] Archiving sucks and buries old content, fix that.: POSTPONED
[jorge] Investigate voting module to get good content up.: DONE
[jorge] Investigate socialization of each article, needs +1, needs Twitter, or whatever social stuff.: POSTPONED
[jorge] Add mobile (or trim home page): POSTPONED
[jorge] Ensure blog content becomes documentation all the time.: DONE
[nick] Investigate new twitter logo for @ubuntucloud: DONE
[med] (David Medberry) Commit to submitting content to cloud.u.c: DONE
[utlemming] Commit to submitting content to cloud.u.c: DONE
[nick] Commit to submitting content to cloud.u.c: DONE
[jorge] On a regular basis you're sharing links, retweeting, reposting, liking, and all that social.: DONE
[nijaba] People to add to the twitter account, @castrojo, @utlemming. Set up RTing our tweets on cloud stuff.: DONE
[jorge] Talk with Gerry about the role of cloud.u.c to the rest of the websites, and how to integrate that with example stuff. (This is actually johnoxton): DONE
[utlemming] update-motd should point to POSTPONED
[jorge] Add a prominent link section for things like (Alias modules) so we don't oververb up the motd.: POSTPONED
[nijaba] Wikipedia curator for juju.: DONE
[jorge] Ask about tshirts.: DONE
[jorge] Ask about business marketing cards for juju/cloud.u.c: DONE


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