Creating a Platform for Internal and External Ubuntu related communication

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Communication within the community and with others outside need to be improved. Currently, there are plenty of communication tools: IRC, mailing lists, planet, Fridge, and Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter. While IRC and mailing lists are the backbone of Ubuntu, they are difficult mediums for the 'average joe' to gather information from. The planet is full of information, but since it is meant for non-Ubuntu related topics as well, it is not the best source of information. Also, the planet doesn't not store old posts that can be retrieved easily. The Fridge started out as a good source of information, but has fallen to the side. It simply lacks contributors. One problem was that it required a separate account for adding stories, but with its recent integration with Launchpad, that barrier is gone. The Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter has good coverage outside the community and gets mentioned on news sites, but is not used as a resource within the community.

Expanding the use of the Fridge as the go-to resource for teams to publicize and provide news and information would be beneficial. Using the current Fridge platform itself shouldn't be a requirement, but any tool(s) that would make it easy for the community to get information out.

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1. Do we want to limit who can post to it? Or do we want to leave it wide open. (I know, this would seem obvious. But the reality will probably fall somewhere in between, which means moderators, etc.)

2. Do we want to create templates for the various types of submissions, to help gather the information needed.

3. Will we be doing this under the Fridge name? Or are you proposing something new? If something new, how will it impact existing structures (do existing structures need to be knocked down to make way for a new and better neighborhood)?

4. Are you planning a "highrise", everything under one roof and each has its own office space? Or will this be a mall, with numerous "stores" available to choose from? Or a combination of both.

5. What about access for the disabled?

6. Where would it be hosted, and who would be in charge of it.


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