Nexts Steps for the Ubuntu-NGO Team

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The Ubuntu NGO Team will meet to discuss our vision and next steps.

Please add your suggestions for discussion points/agenda items to the whiteboard bellow.

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Gobby notes from UDS-L:

 * Vision/scope of our project - Many of the issues we've been seeing regarding Ubuntu adoption go beyond NGOs. While the NGO experience offers a lot of insight to barriers to adoption faced by small-businesses and individuals as well, this team has limited resources. I think we need to do some brainstorming about how we can best utilize our resources. Many of the issues we've identified are really much larger development and outreach issues that effect Ubuntu as a whole. We're not going to fix bug #1 by our selfs, but hopefully we can a place were this team can be effective.

DID: Updated Wiki page and started working on a slogan.
 - Slogan ideas on

 * Collaboration with other teams - From the interviews done and discussions on this list it seems that there is a lot of interest in server-side stuff. We should probably try to find some like-minded ubuntu-server folks to rope into working with us.

* Areas to cover
  Define liaison foci -- External/Internal
  Internal: Explain to other teams what we do and what specialized situations we can help them with
  External: Interact with groups like NVOAD (National Volunteer Organizations Aiding in Disasters) in the United States and similar ones elsewhere to get us in front of NGOs as possible partners
 2- documentation (translated?)
  What are our highest priority languages for this? Many groups designate "official languages" which may be only a subset of the full language range Ubuntu tries to serve.
 3- How can we help within ubuntu to fix issues that have been highlighted

* Translations of Ubuntu-NGO docs/wiki pages.

* Focus on organization WITHIN our group

  * Papercuts ?

 - Liaising with NGOs:
  - document painpoints, transform into papercuts: file as bug reports, tag with 'ngo' (laura)
  - document process for filing bugs and tagging in NGO wiki (dholbach)
 - Look at work done by now defunct Debian NP group: (andrewsomething)
 - Make contact with to see what they have done and if information can be shared as to "needs assessments" relative to NGOs (andrewsomething)
 - Try to get content translated (Paolo)
 - Split up our work into categories: advocacy/liaising, documentation, improve Ubuntu directly for them (andrewsomething, dholbach)
 - Update wiki wrt categories (dholbach)
 - Get in touch with the Marketing team (Paolo)
 - List of Software ( add links to documentation (dholbach)
 - Improve offline documentation
 Advocacy (need leader for this role)
    - list of existing foundations, other organisations that already work with NGOs
    - list of conferences that NGOs attend specific to gathering technical assistance
 - talk to docs team about export (and other loco documentation) (Laura talk to Jim Campbell, Milo Casagrande)
 - find documentation leader (meeting)
 - technical (andrew)
  - talk to Debian PHP Team
  - talk to Server team about PHP packaging ( laura to go talk to Nicolas to ask)
  - better organise TODO list


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