Ubuntu Manual, Docs Team and Learning project collaboration

Registered by Benjamin Humphrey

This session is to discuss ways in which the Ubuntu Manual Project, The Ubuntu Documentation Team and the Ubuntu Community Learning Project can work together to produce a wide range of quality, focused educational materials for Ubuntu users.

As well as discussing collaborative opportunities, we will be talking about the actual implementation of sharing content, what tools/languages we will need to use and outlining a course of action for the Maverick release and beyond.

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Benjamin Humphrey
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== Activities ==

 * Docs team:
  * ubuntu-docs
  * help.ubuntu.com

 * Learning Materials project
  * Classroom course material writing

 * Ubuntu Manual team
  * The Ubuntu Manual

== Idea ==
 * single pool of content in common format
 * different teams pull from this pool
 * common format has to support all output (delivery) formats (going with whatever the doc team goes with, probably Mallard)
    - localization (text and images) is a requirement
    - ease of editing is critical for contributors

Work items:

Docs Team
[philbull] Decide on format for content pool: TODO
Various/Unassigned: Convert content into new pool: TODO

Manual Project
[humphreybc] Backend based content pool: TODO
[humphreybc] Launchpad project and bazaar branch: TODO
[godbyk] Mailing docs, manual and learning lists about progress: TODO
[humphreybc] Organize a meeting schedule: TODO
[humphreybc] First meeting something like two weeks from now, near the end of May: TODO
Make Content Website (Support Center) October 2010: TODO
Collaborative Website (Learning Center) April 2011: TODO
  - Use Bazaar backend:
Decide on project name at first meeting: TODO
Convert manual to docbook/mallard: TODO

Learning Project
[doctormo] Collaborative Editor for content pool: TODO
[doctormo] Ground Control for launchpad and bazaar interaction: TODO
[lyz] Convert existing sysadmin content by doctormo into docbook/mallard: TODO
[doctormo] Mailing docs, manual and learning lists about technical progress: TODO
[lyz] Set up a doodle poll so we know who can be where and when for an end of May meeting: DONE


Work Items