LoCo Team Portal during the P Cycle

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Discussion and action items coming from UDS-P for the direction and development of the LoCo Team Portal during the "P" Cycle

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Bug #878593

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Jono Bacon
LoCo Team Portal Developers
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Chris Johnston


Work Items:
[nigelbabu] Investigate OpenStreetMap for all of Ubuntu community as well as LTP: TODO
[cprofitt] Contact Richard Weait of Open Street Map about integrating with loco.directory: DONE
[cprofitt] contact bdmurray about map script that puts flags on map: DONE
[txwikinger] Investigate OpenStreetMap for all of Ubuntu community as well as LTP: TODO
[czajkowski] Open a dialog with OSM higher-ups: TODO
Create style guide and code cleanup for compliance: TODO
List of teams grouped by language in addition to continent: TODO
photos on the LoCo Team Portal frontpage or some page: TODO
Read-write API for LD: TODO
Add AskUbuntu badges next to user names in LTP (talk to marcoceppi): TODO
[daker] Open up the user profiles for users to edit and publish the information: TODO
Announce the LoCo Team Portal updates on twitter/facebook: TODO
[mhall119] Use formatted text in agenda descriptions: DONE
[mhall119] Investigate and choose reStructuredText, Creole, or Django templates for dynamic pages (markdown is preferred): DONE
[mhall119] Change the twitter stream to be live updates: DONE
Mootbot to interface with LD: TODO
[chrisjohnston] Discuss with design team about improving front page of LTP: TODO
[chrisjohnston] Make the map dismissable (or maybe just smaller?)( This is waiting on someone to do the code the replacement stuff): TODO
[nigelbabu] Wiki page for new developers that describes the project and steps for getting started: TODO
[mhall119] Polish bootstrapping process: TODO
[mhall119] With czajkowski, get with IS about getting the emailing functionality working: INPROGRESS
[chrisjohnston] Add event recaps: INPROGRESS
Add event image URL: TODO
Replace event id in URL with datetime stamp + name slug: TODO
[chrisjohnston] Create a flag for LC members to mark a team as a language team: INPROGRESS
[chrisjohnston] Code out a separate area on the teams page for language teams: INPROGRESS
[chrisjohnston] Remove physical events from language teams: INPROGRESS
Add the ability for a language team to be a part of a physical event: TODO


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