Review of the ARB process using MyApps

Registered by Daniel Holbach

With lots of work put into it should be interesting to review MyApps from the ARB perspective and see if there are small tweaks which would speed up the review of free apps.

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Jono Bacon
Daniel Holbach
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Accepted for quantal
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* On a separate topic, the team has been mapped to the teams that can review apps on myapps:
  * Do they need the same level of permissions as ARB members? It's fine to have the same permissions, the actual publishing can only be done by ARB members anyway

 * PPA upload user interface:
  * Anthony: it'd be nice to have a generic interface that would enable to specify diferent sources of submission apart from PPAs (e.g. github, PPA). Having a URL vs. a "PPA dropdown" would have the benefit of being able to specify a PPA even if the submitter is not its owner
  * ARB: either would be fine

 * Particular bugs to discuss:
  * Feature request: log all actions in feedback (

 * problems:
  * hard to find out which apps need attention
  * make it easier to see if last comment is from ARB / arb-helper member or not
 * ubuntu-app-review-contributors don't seem to need different ACLs in MyApps right now (publishing is done separately)

 * priority list:
  * 987996 Automatically change application to review pending when a dev adds a comment
  * 927553 ARB team is never notified about app developer's comments on the 'Feedback' page

 * Solutions:
  * with fixes last cycle, no longer need special metadata in debian/rules and debian/control


Work Items

Work items for quantal-alpha-1:
[dholbach] update description of bug 920428: DONE

Work items:
[ajmitch] File bug about package description in Software Centre not having line breaks: TODO
[allison] update documentation, no longer require meta-data: DONE
[elachuni] update with information and bug importances: DONE