Getting involved with Ubuntu TV

Registered by Michael Hall

Identify ways to involve community in the design and implementation of the Ubuntu TV project

Blueprint information

Not started
Jono Bacon
Needs approval
Series goal:
Accepted for quantal
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Areas of involvement:
Port all Unity 2D TV code into Unity 3D and nux.
Develop lenses / scopes which would be appropriate for a TV
Working on new apps or porting apps that would work well on TV, making them available on Software center.

Things needed:
Documentation on how to get Ubuntu TV build and running in a test environment
Feature branch and PPA
Qt/Nux compare and contrast
Target screen resolutions (1080p & 720p, etc)
Why overscan sucks:-
Identify key people in Canonical for different porting components
Identify a smaller list of specific tasks

Things wanted:
API for controlling the TV over the local network
Quickly template for TV-targetted apps and scopes
Apps for Ubuntu TV need to be easily navigable using arrow keys (eg: TV remote)
Integration with on-screen keyboard in the UI
Example TV Apps
Quickly getting started apps for Ubuntu TV examples Because poorly setup TV's dominate peoples homes and look like crap. Might help with color calibration (ColorHug, etc).


Work Items

Work items:
[popey] Get a PPA up and running with Unity 3D port of Unity TV when port is usable: TODO
Port Ubuntu TV code to Unity 3D and nux: TODO
[jorge] test the TV PPA and local media scanning: POSTPONED
[mhall119] Make sure we have documentation for getting Ubuntu TV and Unity 3d built and running in a test environment: POSTPONED
[mhall119] Post documentation for getting Ubuntu TV built and running: POSTPONED
[njpatel] Write an overview of porting Qt/QML to Unity 3d/Nux: TODO
[willcooke] Identify key people in Canonical for different porting components: TODO
[jhodapp] Define target screen resolutions: TODO
[jhodapp] Define input types (arrow buttons, touchpad, wiimote?): TODO
[mhall119] Talk to QA about setting up hardware testing: POSTPONED
[alanbell] Review sound cues in the UX: TODO
[mhr3] Review Scope APIs for suitability in TV: TODO
[mhall119] Hello Unity port to TV: POSTPONED
[r-launchpad-encambio-com] Create Quickly template for TV-targetted apps: TODO
[r-launchpad-encambio-com] Create Quickly template for TV-targetted apps: TODO
[tgm4883] Fullscreen test card app for testing display settings: DONE
[mhall119] Run TV development session during Ubuntu Developer Week: POSTPONED
[popey] Live USB image of weekly releases: TODO
[mhall119] Advertise the ubuntu-tv ML and IRC channel in a blog and on social media: TODO