Promote and encourage upstream delivery in Ubuntu

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Get more app developers talking about Ubuntu and targeting Ubuntu. Promote Ubuntu as a platform in the places independent app developers socialize.

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Jono Bacon
Michael Hall
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Accepted for quantal
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milestone icon ubuntu-12.10

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Ideas (How to reward app developers for developing for ubuntu):
USC prize badges
Also in the USC banner
Can also help with discoverability
App Dev Contests
We have "built-in" cash prizes and popularity contests, being a store that sorts as such
Blog about featured apps
Blog/post/tweet when new apps finish the ARB process and become available
App Developer account on G+/Facebook/Twitter
Ask app authors to blog about their experience
Promote, specifically to non-Ubuntu users
Promote apps on main page

What we currently do:
USC banners updated monthly
USC What's New
Top Downloads blog on developer.u.c (*lots* of page views)

New developers writing new stuff
Bringing existing projects to Ubuntu
Demonstrate the ability and potential of the Ubuntu platform for prospective developers.

What makes Ubuntu stand out (or should make Ubuntu stand out) from other distros:
Lots of users
Has a store, where apps can be sold too.
Price is better than other stores (20% Canonical cut)
Also no price for SDK, being an official developer, pushing updates, etc. These are NOT true on Apple/XBox/etc.
A large % of users are willing to pay for quality apps
Better integration and availability of APIs for the desktop shell aka Unity
Is Ubuntu (6 month cadence, has ubuntu desktop, etc)
More media coverage (OMG Ubuntu, etc)
Feature your app in the same place at EA


Work Items

Work items:
[dpm] Write a marketing your app in the Ubuntu Software Centre: TODO
Get feedback from top FOSS apps developers on increase in users: TODO
[mhall119] Check progress of collecting download stats for FOSS apps (RT): TODO
[mhall119] Write a blog post describing a tour of TODO
[mhall119] Schedule meeting with CA to spec out badge support in ratings and reviews: DONE
[mhall119] Blog about badge support implementation: TODO
Write a monthly blog post about featured apps: POSTPONED
[mhall119] Get feedback from FOSS app developers on the process of submitting: DONE
[mhall119] Talk to web team about featuring apps/app portal from TODO

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