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= Overview =

There are a few UI I/O issues with the current boot that need to be resolved:

- fsck feedback not being displayed:

- "lightdm tries (and fails) to start too early"

- ensuring initramfs contains all necessary fonts

- "plymouth should warn when caps lock is set with "ask-for-password" command"

= Plan =

Discuss the above issues and add shake out any further issues folk are aware of.

= Thoughts =

- mountall (and ideally plymouth too) need to grow a set of DEP-8 tests to validate behaviour.
- Provide a hotkey/kernel command-line option to start an "emergency console"
  (see also bug 702574).

 - Plymouth should exit when the boot has finished with it, not when lightdm starts (would be fixed by having system compositor).
  - System compositor addresses this issue, but possibly for only a subset of graphics hardware (nvidia?)
- End-user unfriendly text-mode messages during shutdown, OEM Priority bug (logout phase fixed in lightdm)
  Requires either system compositor, or removing output messages from offending software, or other solution to at least keep the text mode screen clean

Blueprint information

Not started
Steve Langasek
James Hunt
Needs approval
Series goal:
Accepted for trusty
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What about making the boot UI nicer?

Out of scope for this discussion. Changes to the UI design should be discussed with (and approved by) the design team; this session is focused on sanding the rough edges off the existing boot experience, not replacing the existing UI design.

-making sure all messages are translatable. Many aren't (many bugs filed against ubuntu-translations)


Work Items

Work items:
[jamesodhunt] talk to cert whether they've seen bug #969489 in lightdm: DONE
[jamesodhunt] talk to serge to see if he can still recreate bug 969489: TODO
[xnox] modify plymouth to better handle output to console when splash is not in use: TODO
[jamesodhunt] Identify installer issue re fix for bug 702574: DONE
[xnox] implement a build-time test suite for mountall that allows us to validate mountall's interpretation of various fstabs: TODO
[vorlon] follow up on boot speed regressions in plumbing, desktop as of June 2013: TODO
[xnox] bug #540645 no fsck progress in details plugin: DONE
[xnox] bug #660151 no fsck progress in ubuntu-text plugin: TODO