Code changes in language-selector for 10.10

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Spec to hammer out work items for needed code changes in language-selector during maverick cycle

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Sebastien Bacher
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milestone icon ubuntu-10.10-beta
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Arne Goetje


Needed code changes:
 * use aptdeamon instead of synaptic
 * use policykit instead of gksu
 * use dbus to communicate package lists to software-center ?
 * rewrite package handling code

Work items:
[mvo] replace synaptic code with aptdeamon: DONE
[mvo] use policykit instead of gksu: DONE
[mvo] ensure the kde frontend is working with the new dbus code: DONE
[mvo] update kde frontend to wrote with refactored code: DONE
[pitti] use dbus/plugin mechanism to communicate with aptdaemon/software-center: TODO
add debug code to log into a file: DONE
add apport hook to append the debug log file to bug reports: DONE
port frontend code to not open a cache: DONE
rewrite package handling code to be more flexible: TODO
contact debian-installer upstream to support language variation fall back settings properly: TODO
contact the tdeb spec drafters and propose improvements: TODO

Work items for maverick-alpha-2:
sprint with mvo: DONE
[mvo] move missing language checks into dbus backend and add signal so that it can be done async: DONE

Notes from the sprint:
 * currently l-s and d-i use different ways to set the language fall back settings. Shall we unify them?
  * data format is not compatible, l-s uses separate entries for language variations, d-i doesn't.
  * asked cjwatson if we should modify d-i. cjwatson: contact upstream, we don't want to diverge any further from upstream.
  * branch for this available at lp:~mvo/language-selector/sync-languagelist-from-localechooser
 * currently when the user installs his system offline, a notification pops up at first log in, asking the user if he wants to install missing language components. This is only shown once and uses update-notifier. We want to have such a notification with a Yes/No/Later choice whenever the user installs software, and the corresponding language support is missing.
  * ask design team how to design this
 * For later (m+1 ?), we want to go away from using language-packs, and look into the tdeb format.
  * what's the tdeb development status in debian?
   * need to contact the debian guys about improving the spec. Currently it doesn't fit for our purpose.
   * will mirroring cope with the extra amount of files/packages (rsync issues?)
   * how well will apt/smart etc cope?
   * do we need a new strong-enhances dependency type for this?
  * would we have resources to support upstream in implementing 'tdeb' for m+1?

2010-08-11, seb128: dropping the maverick target since those changes will not be ready


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