Free media space for extra Oneiric software

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How to free more CD space for the extra software which we'll need to add: unity 2D with Qt (10.6 MB at the moment) probably GTK 2 and GTK 3 until the transition is fully done, possibly python 3, bigger mesa drivers due to LLVM requirement, deja-dup. Magnitude of 30 MB.

Note that this does not cover the install media itself. This is discussed at

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Sebastien Bacher
Martin Pitt
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Martin Pitt
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Accepted for oneiric
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milestone icon ubuntu-11.10-beta-1
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Martin Pitt
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Martin Pitt

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Potential targets:
 * Perl: main consumers are gnome-system-tools (which will likely go away in GNOME 3), AppArmor (John says we could probably drop the administration tools from the default install, which need most of this), and debconf-gtk (requires perl-gtk).
 * Kernel: We should ship all storage and network driver modules by default, but others are not that important to have by default; for example, sound drivers for very old hardware, staging drivers, non-desktopish file systems (gfs2/ocfs2)
 * initramfs contains .ko's as well, perhaps we could remove the copy in squashfs and restore after mount
 * Icons: We ship 91 MB /usr/share/icons/, which has a lot of duplication.
 * Language packs: We can justify dropping some more language packs with customized CD builds, see
 * Python: Try to get apps to run with both python2 and 3, so we can just ship one of them; drop Python 2.6
 * Wallpapers: Get them online

Work items (oneiric-alpha-2):
[pitti] Check which icons gnome-icon-theme provides that are missing in humanity: DONE
[pitti] Split out gnome-icon-theme icons which are also needed by humanity, and put the duplicated ones into gnome-icon-theme-full; have gnome-icon-theme depend on humanity-icon-theme | gnome-icon-theme-full (this avoids changing a lot of rdepends) (5.7 MB): DONE
[pitti] Add gnome-icon-theme-full dependency to tweak tool (or whatever other settings tool can change the theme): DONE
[fboucault] Figure out the list of needed Qt modules for Unity 2D: DONE
[didrocks] Split off Qt modules which are not needed by Unity 2D (> 1 MB): DONE
[pitti] Drop lintian recommends from aptdaemon (pulls in dpkg-dev, build-essential, g++, lots of perl, diffstat, etc.; 7 MB): DONE
[didrocks] Split out non-default compiz plugins, and add ccsm dependency to it (~ 1.5 MB): DONE
[cjwatson] Remove .pyc files from squashfs, and regenerate them during installation (> 12 MB): DONE

Work items:
[raof] Dynamically link gallium mesa drivers, to compensate for LLVM hit: DONE
[raof] Drop/move classic drivers which duplicate gallium drivers (r300/r600, ~1MB): DONE
[apw] As is unreadable anyway, move it into the -dbgsym package (0.5 MB): POSTPONED
[apw] Split out (some?) staging drivers into separate package which we don't install by default, using dh-modalises (several MB): POSTPONED
[pitti] Pull in staging drivers through jockey handler when necessary: POSTPONED
[apw] Split out gfs2 and ocfs2 (and perhaps others) into separate -networkfs binary package (0.75 MB): POSTPONED
[pitti] Add linux-networkfs dependency to gfs2-tools, ocfs2-tools, and server seed: POSTPONED
[bjoern-michaelsen] Eliminate duplicated icons in compressed LibO themes: POSTPONED
[bjoern-michaelsen] Scrutinize LibO packages for extras that can be dropped/split out: POSTPONED
[mathieu-tl] Port usb-modeswitch from tcl to C, which drops tcl (1 MB): DONE
[themuso] drop esound-compat (check reverse depends of libesd, see what would break): POSTPONED
[barry] Drop python2.6 to compensate for Python 3 (~ 2 MB): POSTPONED
[pitti] Check if gnome 3 provides support for online wallpaper installation; if so, reduce our wallpaper packages and provide Ubuntu wallpapers online (not supported upstream): DROPPED
[pitti] Add gnome-icon-theme-full dependency to gnome-shell: DONE
[gary-lasker] (or mvo): Install lintian in aptdaemon or software-center when adding a third party repo: POSTPONED

Icons which gnome-icon-theme provides, but humanity doesn't:
diff -u <(dpkg -L humanity-icon-theme | sed 's_.*/__; s/\.\(png\|svg\)//'|sort -u) <(dpkg -L gnome-icon-theme | sed 's_.*/__; s/\.\(png\|svg\)//'|sort -u)|grep ^+
(237 items right now)

pitti, 2011-08-26: Declaring "implemented", the CDs will be within size limit again soon.


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