Improve Ubuntu One's integration with Unity

Registered by Eric Casteleijn

* Provide visual feedback for desktopcouch (i.e. contacts/notes etc.) replication.
* Improve visual feedback whilst uploading - 'if you have a lot of files this could take a while' and progress bar and option to cancel


Work items:
[unity-design-team] find a new way to show synchronized items other than emblems: TODO
[desktop+] Add my favorite synced folders to the Ubuntu One dynamic quicklist (other than the music folder): TODO
[u1desktop+] Fix the wording of the "Show activity notifications" checkbox: TODO
[u1 desktop+] use new way to set urgency in launcher: TODO
[canonical-dx-team] libunity will call back the syncdaemon service when the application is open: TODO
[desktop+] remove the popup dialog if the free space situation is corrected: TODO
[desktop+] open the control panel minimized and set to urgent just like update manager: TODO
[jcastro] investigate which list to use for developers using unity as opposed to developing unity: TODO

== UDS session notes ==

Problem: Ubuntu One uses emblems to show sync state, but the Dash doesn't show them
 - inconsistent with the file browser
 - current plan is for the Dash never to show emblems
 - whose job is it to find an alternative way of presenting sync state?

[unity-design-team] Either approve emblems in the Dash, or design a reasonable replacement for showing that files are in particular states

Related problem: Nautilus shows Ubuntu One and other emblems as user-settable when they should not be
 - readonly
 - unreadable
 - synchronizing
 - ubuntuone-synchronized
 - ubuntuone-updating
 - ubuntuone-unsynchronized

Problem: Some people get inundated with file sync notification bubbles
 - it's not obvious enough how to turn it off
[u1desktop+] Fix the wording of the "Show activity notifications" checkbox

Problem: When someone runs out of free space, they need to be notified and optionally take action
 - buy more space, or delete files
 - current implementation: messaging menu
 - dismissing when first seen, but somehow reminded once in a while
 - perhaps opening the control panel when running out of space, but making the out-of-space situation very explicit
 - alternatively: open an alert box in the background
  - needs DX help to ensure this works properly
  - alert box should close if the problem solves itself (ie, more space available)


Work Items