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Discuss and planify the One Hundred Scopes project : bringing *a lot* of scopes/lenses into USC for Precise.

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= Introduction =

One Hundred Scopes is a project to facilitate the creation of lenses and scopes for Unity.

Launchpad reference:

Per its name, the goal of the project, and in particular for this cycle, is to *create* 100 scopes.

Another goal for the cycle is to integrate the lenses that have already been developed (Book lens, etc.)

= Review of lenses created within this project =

 * Book Lens (lp:~davidc3/onehundredscopes/projectgutenberg)
 * Music Lens (lp:~davidc3/onehundredscopes/musicfolder)
 * Sheet Music Lens (lp:~davidc3/onehundredscopes/songsterr)
 * lp:~davidc3/onehundredscopes/timezone
 * lp:~davidc3/onehundredscopes/rottentomatoeslocal
 * lp:~davidc3/onehundredscopes/invaders
 * lp:lens-cooking -- PLEASE HELP me to package this thing for USC. Its already packaged, but with some hacks ! --gotwig
== Which lenses are ready to be submited for inclusion ==

* Book lens should go first
* Music lens - makes sense as a supplementary lens (ubuntu universe); no need to merge with the standard ubuntu music lens
* Sheet Music lens -> ok, very specialized

== Lenses that require design input / are not ready yet ==
* Just pre-alpha:
 * lp:lens-cooking -- Please help me in finishing this scope/lens -- gotwig

= Feedback for the DX Team on the lens system =

Should add the ability for a scope to define his own filter and his own categories:
 * no: scopes shouldn't define their filters; lenses do

A way to order results would be nice, but there is a latency problem then; the design is to show results as fast as possible in the order they are arriving in

Substring matching would improve the relevancy situation.

= Community process to facilitate the creation of lenses =

Need for an idea generation process to create a list of interesting lenses to develop.
Quickly will provide a template to ease the packaging of the lenses.
The Software Center may provide a new category to regroup and /promote/ the new lenses
The recommended process for the new lenses is to submit them via
- either, Universe
- or "extras" (ie the Software Center)

Note: didrocks or anyone familiar with the Ubuntu process, please clarify that last part.

= Action items =
[davidc3] Write a proposal on relevancy ranking - contact john lea for the list of key aspects that should be addressed in the proposal: TODO
[gord] Making sure that we can install lenses into /opt: TODO
[YokoZar] Making sure that "extras" would accept a lens: DONE (stgraber says it's ok and was considered during creation of ARB as an example case)


*a few "brainstorm" ideas for possible future lenses:

- Music-player-lens.

- File-manager-lens (fork from file-lens, but with a few enhancements: breadcrumbs, select/cut/paste and info tooltips. All seen in widgets for kde and plugins for several docks).

- trashcan-lens (part of file-manager-lens ?)

- System-settings-lens

- ....


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