Desktop boot speed

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Since we have been a bit sloppy on that topic since lucid (or busy with new features) we should aim back at better performances for the lts, that include cpu and memory usage and login time.

See has boot charts for various releases and comparative charts for lucid vs. oneiric and Dell Mini 10 (reference platform, slow Atom + SSD) vs. ThinkPad X201 (fast quad core + SSD, for identifying unnecessary dependencies) has more comparisons of two machines between 9.10 and 11.10.

Blueprint information

Sebastien Bacher
Martin Pitt
Series goal:
Accepted for precise
Milestone target:
milestone icon ubuntu-12.04-beta-2
Started by
Martin Pitt
Completed by
Martin Pitt


Work items for precise-alpha-2:
[pitti] do not launch gsd-printer under Unity (we use s-c-p): DONE
[pitti] change gnome-keyring autostart desktops to start only once (negligible impact and large permanent delta on conffiles): DROPPED
[rodrigo-moya] look if syndaemon code could be moved to g-s-d: DROPPED
[didrocks] investigate if gsettings migration is needed for boot speed: DONE
[didrocks] investigate if we statically link some of the default compiz plugins: DROPPED
[jbicha] upload libcanberra with the login sound turned off: DONE
[didrocks] look for the session closing bug number and add infos: DONE

Work items for ubuntu-12.04-beta-1:
[smspillaz] make 2D decorations work enough [tm] such that decorations > max texture size can be used:
[canonical-dx-team] support tiled framebuffer objects for doing blurs in unity so that framebuffer objects which span > max texture size can be used:

Work items:
[didrocks] drop check-gl-texture-size from gnome-session startup and add the new compiz plugin for it on upgrade: POSTPONED
[ken-vandine] delay the telepathy-approver further (15 seconds): DONE
[chrisccoulson] check what is spamming the dbus bus on session start (dbusmenu/indicators): DONE
[pitti] investigate and get rid of the duplicate pulseaudio start (additional module loading, not a duplicate): DROPPED

Work items for ubuntu-12.04:
[chrisccoulson] investigate gnome-settings-daemon regression: POSTPONED
[pitti] speed up nautilus desktop menu construction: POSTPONED
[didrocks] add tracepoints to compiz to see what plugins take what time to start: POSTPONED

pitti, 2012-01-05: Note, some work items which originally were in the whiteboard have been moved to linked bugs.
didrocks, 2012-01-06: checked if gsettings migration was helping boot speed (compared the gconf backend to the ini, flat file, one), and it seems there is a small, not very significant, gain. So not migrating this cycle due to the risk of the gsettings migration and upstream should first focus on quality.

pitti, 2012-01-09: nautilus first constructs the full menu, and then removes half of them for the desktop window. We can speed up that part. Not using global menu speeds up nautilus by a third, all the pushing over D-BUS takes its toll.

didrocks, 2012-01-19: dropping the static linking plugin from compiz. Sam is telling that will give a world of pain in compiz as plugins will be automatically haf-initialize and compiz doesn't support this case. We can revisit this next cycle, if we decide to make more drastic choice in the plugin decision for compiz.

didrocks, 2012-02-07: marked some items as blocked on new compiz release


Work Items