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2012-07-03, seb128: drop the importer and telepathy chat items from the quantal list we will realistically not get to them, let's try to get the scrollbar work done this cycle

Tasks completed for ubuntu-12.04:
Create Breakpad symbols from system libraries (libc, glib, gtk, libunity, libedataserver etc): DONE

2011-11-22, chrisccoulson - not discussed at UDS, but added a WI for creating Breakpad symbols from our system libraries, so we can submit those to Mozilla. I've wanted this for a while already, but we now get a lot of crashes submitted upstream with not very useful stack traces because we only submit symbols for Mozilla code, so this is getting more urgent.

For Evolution importer, we should:
  - Import mail
  - Import filters
  - Import settings

pitti, 2012-02-24: Moved to Q, too late for precise.

chrisccoulson, 2012-05-17: Removed additional work items added by gotwig. Please don't add random work items without discussing them with me first ;)

kate.stewart, 2012-07-10: Edited presence of "Work items" to "Tasks Completed", since it was being picked up as work item when it shouldn't have been.

jdstrand, 2013-03-26: postponed items that are too late for raring


Work Items

Work items:
Add overlay scrollbar support for Firefox and Thunderbird: POSTPONED
Implement autopkgtests for Firefox and Thunderbird: DONE
Make it possible for our addons to use the Mozilla test harness: DONE
Add GMenuModel support for Firefox and Thunderbird: POSTPONED
Implement experimental Ubuntu-branded offline startpage for Firefox: POSTPONED
Add UOA suppport for Thunderbird: POSTPONED
Add functionality for creating and deleting address books via EDS in Thunderbird: POSTPONED
Implement Evolution importer for Thunderbird: POSTPONED
Make it possible to store collected addresses in EDS from Thunderbird: POSTPONED
Include a single option for checking all folders for new mail in Thunderbird: POSTPONED
Figure out what to do with notifications for the new chat feature in Thunderbird: POSTPONED
Investigate telepathy integration for the chat feature in Thunderbird: POSTPONED