Networking Health Check

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This would basically be a re-run of the traditional Networking health
check session we've been holding at UDS for a little while, and is
more than just Desktop.

Are there new things we should make sure we support? (Wireless P2P?
802.11ac? etc.)

What things work well, are there currently pain points related to
network connections, how we use dnsmasq and resolvconf, etc. and how
can we resolve these issues?

Are there low-effort, high-benefit things we can do to improve the
experience for users and administrators for connecting computers to
the Internet or local networks? (for example, last cycle we discussed
providing an easy way to use 6to4)

Also, not so much a topic or something that requires much discussion,
but there are a few things that will need to be done in 13.04 for
NetworkManager, ModemManager and nm-applet:

- nm-applet upstream code has made a few important changes to UI; I'll
make this available in 13.04, the changes simplify the usage of the
connection editor a fair amount.
- ModemManager 0.6 has been released, and now development is starting
on the next version -- I'd like us to aggressively go to the new
version, since it will bring a basis for mobile IPv6, and enables
quite a few new devices while fixing other issues, improves SMS, etc.
all of which we could greatly benefit from.
- the new ModemManager will likely require new packages to be made for
Debian (I need to look at the details again).

And finally, any other things we know will need updates? libnl,
wireless-tools, iw, wpa?

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