Reduce patch burden

Registered by Jason Warner

We reviewed the patches in some of ours packages during the session and took action items on what to do to reduce that stack

Blueprint information

Sebastien Bacher
Iain Lane
Iain Lane
Series goal:
Accepted for raring
Milestone target:
milestone icon ubuntu-13.04
Started by
Sebastien Bacher
Completed by
Iain Lane

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Packages to look at: gtk+, g-s-d, g-c-c
gtk+ patches:
016_no_offscreen_widgets_grabbing.patch - upstreams is not interested in more hacks here
017_no_offscreen_device_grabbing.patch - collapse with 016
018_gdkenumtypes.c_location.patch - check with upstream
022_disable-viqr-im-for-vi-locale.patch - check with lp:191451, retest to see if it still exists
042_treeview_single-focus.patch - from debian
043_ubuntu_menu_proxy.patch - unity-gtk-module
044_tracker_fts.patch - from debian, keep to reduce the diff
061_multiarch_module_fallback.patch - dropped/to be dropped (all modules now multiarched)
062_ubuntu-set-grab-add.patch - exposes some private API, nothing seems to use it
071_fix-installation-of-HTML-images.patch - from debian
073_treeview_almost_fixed.patch - keep (required for USC to not crawl to a stop, not a clean fix to easily go upstream)
075_expose_gdkwidget_for_gtkrange.patch - was used in ido, not required any more bugzilla 631695
099_eventbox_scroll_mask.patch - talk to Ken VanDine
git_gtkcellrenderer_grabbing_modifier.patch - desrt
git_iconview_render_item_select.patch -
git_use_right_display.patch -
print-dialog-show-options-of-remote-dnssd-printers.patch - check with Till bugzilla 224912
revert_git_a11y_stopped.patch - fixes an upstream bug (stops and restarts the main loop)
ubuntu_gtk_custom_menu_items.patch - small workaround for lack of API
glib patches:
08_disable_gapplication_basic_test.patch: desrt talk to pitti
90_gio-modules-multiarch-compat.patch: can be dropped (no more users)
05_disable_corner_tapping.patch - Synaptic corner tapping
16_use_synchronous_notifications.patch - changes notifications to use libnotify
40_xres_lcddefault.patch - test to see if issue is still there, then talk to Bjoern
45_suppress-printer-may-not-be-connected-notification.patch - larsu look at it
47_delay_pa_connect_to_idle.patch - Chris look at pushing it upstream
48_register_client_before_idle_callbacks.patch - Chris check if it's upstream
60_unity_hide_status_icon.patch - remove (power)
61_unity_use_application_indicator.patch - remove
debian/patches/power-check-null-devices.patch: upstream closed as incomplete. mterry to follow up.
power-ignore-bad-dbus-requests.patch: already merged upstream
revert_git_datetime_dropping.patch: drop it: we will have ubuntu-system-services or systemd handling this
xsettings_signal_handling.patch: already upstream
power-check-null-devices.patch - mterry to follow up
revert_git_datetime_dropping.patch - see work item, for seb128
g-c-c patches:
either fork g-c-c or figure out how to expose panels api, have a hook that allows us to use our own version of a panel


Work Items

Work items:
[attente] unity-gtk-module in appmenu-gtk : INPROGRESS
[larsu] look at 062_ubuntu-set-grab-add.patch, possibly remove : DONE
[larsu] look at 45_suppress-printer-may-not-be-connected-notification.patch : POSTPONED
[desrt] look at 018_gdkenumtypes.c_location.patch : POSTPONED
[desrt] look at 071_fix-installation-of-HTML-images.patch : POSTPONED
[desrt] look at git_gtkcellrenderer_grabbing_modifier.patch : POSTPONED
[pitti] look at 08_disable_gapplication_basic_test.patch : DONE
[desrt] look at 07_disable_tests_on_slow_archs.patch : POSTPONED
[laney] talk to Sweetshark about whether 40_xres_lcddefault is necessary or if we can drop (seb128 dropped this in 3.6.3-0ubuntu1): DONE
[chrisccoulson] check g-s-d patches 47 and 48 : POSTPONED
[mterry] update bugzilla_segfault_dpms.patch : DONE
[mterry] follow up on : DONE
[seb128] implement datetime backend for ubuntu-system-services :) (switch to systemd-services instead): DONE
[diwic] rebase 96-sound-nua.patch in g-c-c to use upstream code where possible: DONE