Create a plan to prevent divergence between desktop and tablet policy

Registered by Alex Chiang

Now that we have the Nexus 7 as a reference device, it is becoming obvious that there would be certain system policies that might be applied to make Ubuntu Desktop behave better on a tablet. For example, it is common on tablet devices to press the power button and expect to instantly suspend the machine, instead of prompting the user for the desired action.

We need to create a plan on how to identify and manage these potential policy differences.

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Didier Roche-Tolomelli
Sebastien Bacher
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We decided to limit the changes to "allow diversion only for things that break the user experience" (e.g onscreen keyboard)

=== Suggesting changes for the nexus image ===

If you have some changes you would like to suggest for the nexus7 image

* email the ubuntu-devel list [1] to describe the change you would like to see done
* include [nexus7-settings] in the email subject
* the change will be discussed on the mailing list, if there is a clear consensus the decision will be based on that one
* if there is no consensus the topic will be discussed during a Desktop Team meeting (those happen the tuesday at 16:30UTC on #ubuntu-desktop) and a decision will be made there
* the desktop team will update the required packages to reflect the change



2013-01-08, seb128: dropping those items from the work items section

- review requests for changes and ack or nack those: TODO
- encourage people to be creative in what can be tweaked through ppas and review at next UDS what users came with and that be brought back in the desktop: TODO

Those are regular work that will happen if needed through the cycle, they don't really fit in the todo/done workitems scheme


Work Items

Work items:
[ogra] upload a ubuntu-defaults-nexus7 package to raring: DONE
[seb128] register a blueprint describing the decision process (done on the whiteboard here instead): DONE
[ogra] provide the desktop team the current settings package tweaks: DONE
[achiang] escalate plymouth issue to nvidia: INPROGRESS
[ogra] fix plymouth handling inside initrd: INPROGRESS

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