DX - Network Menu for Maverick

Registered by David Barth

New network indicator for Maverick.

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David Barth
Needs approval
Kalle Valo
Series goal:
Accepted for maverick
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Started by
David Barth

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The UDS session log is at:

and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopExperienceTeam/MaverickUDSLog#DX / Desktop Roundtable

PPA installation instructions:


Work items for maverick-alpha-1:
(moved to alpha-2 below)

Work items for maverick-alpha-2:
Raise the QA team's attention about NM, ie raise the priority of integration bugs: DONE
Refine SW architecture: DONE
Extract list of target 3G devices to support: DONE
Provide a Lucid PPA with all dev. packages (connman, wpa_supplicant, ofono & UI modules: DONE
Publish that PPA in the blueprint thus any subscribers get informed: DONE
Support Wifi connexions (public, WEP, WPA2) and prototype UI: DONE
Initial support for 3G connexions and prototype UI: DONE
[kvalo] prioritized work list shared with connman maililng list: DONE
Provide test plans (& scripts when applicable) for the new features: DONE
Improve ofono device support: DONE
Provide UI for 3G support (connexion, auth. dialog and settings): DONE
Add wiki instructions for helping people connect and debug connection issues: DONE
[ubuntu-desktop] Ensure CM & NM can be installed at the same time; ensure they cannot run at the same time: TODO
[ubuntu-desktop] Get wpa_supplication-0.7 in Maverick and assess impact on NetworkManager: TODO
[ubuntu-desktop] Identify apps that don't work well CM's NetworkManager emulation: TODO

Work items for maverick-alpha-3:
Hide/Show password in the connexion dialog: DONE
Enforce password length limitations (and highlight the connect button accordingly): DONE
Cleanup the 3G "wizard" UI: DONE
Add UI to connect to an unknown APN: DONE
Update the settings prototype UI with mpt's new mockups: DONE

Work items for ubuntu-10.10-beta:
Update the test script to support data uploads & deal with install errors (and update the wiki page to mention it): DONE
[qa] run a connman testing day: TODO
[dbarth] Indicator icon test suite (framework, at least): DONE
Implement the wifi password error case: DONE
Implement the wifi password general case (timeout or other unknown reason): DONE
(nice to have) Add status info on the first line: DONE
Add support for PIN code errors (error counter): POSTPONE
Add support for inputing a PUK code to unlock a SIM (command line): DONE
Dialog box for picking up other Wifi networks (outside of the top 5 listed in the menu): DONE
Extend the "other networks" dialog to add a connexion manually (hidden networks): DONE
Prettifying the dialogs & network settings: DONE
RF-kill support based on connman's signals: POSTPONE
[maybe] Integrate CM with proper credential storage sub-system (either symmetric encryption or g-keyring support): POSTPONE
[ubuntu-desktop] Develop NM credentials migration script: POSTPONE
[didrocks]: seed connman and the indicator-network into UNE: POSTPONE
[ken-vandine] make MIR request for ofono et al.: POSTPONE

Work items for ubuntu-10.10:
Define security target (for credential mgmt) ((TB or Chromium like but not more secure than those well-known apps): TODO
[bratsche] Develop the ON/OFF toggle IDO widget: TODO
Add support for generic connexion errors: DONE
Integrate the wifi ON/OFF toggle: TODO
Enhance network settings (support for manual IP & DHCP settings): DONE
[qa] run a connman testing day: POSTPONE
(ie, not strictly for maverick, but ideally in the release timeframe)


Work Items