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Ubuntu Kernel session to discuss misc kernel topics related to the upcoming 13.10 Saucy release. Discussion to include the following:

* Upstream kernel version to target for 13.10
* Supported 13.10 Ubuntu kernel flavors
* Kernel config review? (we are not yet rebased off of v3.9 so there is little to review)
* Ubuntu Touch kernels and support
* 12.04.3 planning
  * Discuss policy change for *not* auto upgrading to 14.04 HWE stack
  * Should we create a linux-lts-latest meta package to always track the current HWE stack (allows those who want to auto roll forward to do so)
  * Question is when do we roll eg Q->R, is it when Q HWE stack EOL's or when R HWE stack appears.

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== Session Summary ==

* Upstream kernel version to target for 13.10
  * Look at 3.10 but strongly consider 3.11. Based on predicted upstream release schedule, http://phb-crystal-ball.org/ , 3.11 should land mid-sept which is 1month prior to 13.10's release.
  * Also hearing feedback that as far as arm is concerned, 3.11 is way better if we want to ad exynos5 support to -generic

* Supported 13.10 Ubuntu kernel flavors
  * Continue supporting the -generic kernel flavor. We will also pocket copy the ti-omap4 kernel to Saucy, just as we did in Raring but ti-omap4 will not be officially supported in terms of security updates/bug fixes.

* Kernel config review?
  * We are not yet rebased off of v3.9 so there is little to review. Postpone in depth config review until we've rebased to 3.10/3.11
  * Config review tables for anyone interested: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/configs/saucy/uds-13.05/
  * An item I'd like to see in the Kernel config review:
   * https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1163587 (see bug for responses)

* Ubuntu Touch kernels and support
  * Ubuntu kernel team planning to bring up Ubuntu kernel support for the Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4, Nexus 7, and Nexus 10 devices. The Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 kernels are already available in the archive and should be in the Ubuntu Touch images. We have just uploaded the Nexus 10 kernel, but have not yet tested. Once tested we will sync w/phonedations to get it integrated into the actual images. We will then move to work on bringing up the Ubuntu kernel for the Galaxy Nexus.

* 12.04.3 planning
  * We will provide a 13.04 (Raring) HWE stack in Precise for the 12.04.3 point release. This Raring HWE stack will be supported in Precise until the 14.04.1 time frame.
  * There has been a slight change in policy in that we will *NOT* auto upgrade HWE stack users to the 14.04 HWE stack in Precise. We will rather aggressively message the respective stack's EOL and strongly encourage users to manually upgrade to the 14.04 HWE stack to continue with a official line of support.
  * There was also discussion surrounding the topic of providing a linux-lts-current meta package to track the most recent HWE stack. This idea has been tabled for now until there is an actual use case to strongly supports the need for having such a meta package. As of now, no teams have voiced a strong request for this. We will re-evaluate later if needed.


Work Items

Work items:
[leannogasawara] Update HWE LTS wiki with modified policy of not auto upgrading users: DONE
[leannogasawara] Email security, server, and foundations team to get sign off on the newest policy changes: DONE
[timg-tpi] Sync w/rsalveti when Nexus 10 kernel is ready to be rolled into Ubuntu Touch image: DONE
[timg-tpi] Bring up Galaxy Nexus Ubuntu kernel: DONE
[p-pisati] Make sure theres a smooth upgrade path from previous ubuntu arm releases to Saucy arm(e.g. 3.11 multiplatform kernel mandates a DTB to properly boot): DONE