From Raring to Saucy for Ubuntu Touch

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Tasks to get the migration done

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Michael Frey
Sergio Schvezov
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Accepted for saucy
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milestone icon ubuntu-13.06
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Sergio Schvezov
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Sergio Schvezov


Some of these tasks depend on other blueprints
The debian/changelog entry will serve as a tag (as done in other projects) and if it comes to the need of a backport fix for raring, we will create a series for it on a case by case basis, but only urgent fixes are to be pushed


Work Items

Work items:
Disable jenkins job for raring: DONE
[sergiusens] Create jenkins job for saucy: DONE
[sergiusens] Create a list of projects in ppa:phablet-team that are already in the archive and disable [sergiusens] phablet-land jenkins job for them: DONE
[sergiusens] Identify phablet-land packages in ppa:phablet-team that need to go back to daily release: DONE
[sergiusens] Identify and use ppa:phablet-team for projects not in the saucy archive yet: DONE
[sergiusens] Update all project using phablet-land to push to saucy: DONE
[sil2100] Move daily release next projects to saucy: DONE
[fginther] Update upstream merger jenkins jobs to saucy: DONE
[sergiusens] Update seeds from raring to saucy: DONE
[sergiusens] Update phablet-tools to grab from saucy (we could reenable -l for this until it reaches a consensused stability): DONE
[ogra] cdimage sync to pull the saucy series: DONE
[ogra] cdimage to copy the latest raring image: DONE

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