Switch live filesystem building to live-build

Registered by Colin Watson

Ubuntu live CD builds have always been based on an in-house tool called livecd-rootfs. Since we started Ubuntu, Debian has also been working on live CDs, and has a tool called live-build which is capable of building Ubuntu images as well. There is little sense in maintaining two separate tools, so since live-build is more flexible we should switch to it.

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Steve Langasek
Colin Watson
Colin Watson
Series goal:
Accepted for oneiric
Milestone target:
milestone icon oneiric-alpha-2
Started by
Colin Watson
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Colin Watson

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Work items for oneiric-alpha-2:
[cjwatson] Analyse differences between livecd-rootfs and live-build images: DONE
[cjwatson] Add live-build support for Ubuntu oneiric: DONE
[cjwatson] Teach live-build to install tasks using apt: DONE
[cjwatson] Resolve problems with live-build's minimal hook: DONE
[cjwatson] Teach live-build to update mlocate database: DONE
[cjwatson] Fix duplicate deconfiguration in lb_binary: DONE
[cjwatson] Figure out how to handle Ubuntu's multiple-manifest scheme in live-build: DONE
[cjwatson] Add live-build option to remove kernel and initramfs from compressed filesystem: DONE
[cjwatson] Add live-build option to use an alternative initramfs compressor: DONE
[cjwatson] Arrange for update-apt-xapian-index to be run under live-build: DONE
[cjwatson] Add live-build support for jasper: DONE
[cjwatson] Fix live-build ext2/ext3 image generation: DONE
[cjwatson] Create swap file in ext2/ext3 images: DONE
[cjwatson] Add hook to remove icon-theme.cache for Kubuntu: DONE
[cjwatson] Add docdirs/fdupes instrumentation somewhere: DONE
[cjwatson] Check whether langpack extended_states hack is still needed (it doesn't seem to be): DONE
[cjwatson] Add support for Edubuntu LTSP chroots: DONE
[cjwatson] Use dpkg --force-unsafe-io: DONE
[cjwatson] Change BuildLiveCD to call live-build where appropriate: DONE
[cjwatson] Make any necessary cdimage changes to trigger new behaviour: DONE

Work items:
[cjwatson] Decide what to do about gnu-fdisk recommendation vs. Ubuntu main: DONE
[cjwatson] Add a way to enable proposed updates: DONE
[adconrad] Remove duplicated linux-headers packages when building point releases: DONE

(Note that "done" indicates either "working sufficiently well for Ubuntu and forwarded to a Debian bug" or "committed somewhere other than live-build" (e.g. wrapper code in livecd-rootfs). It doesn't necessarily mean that the patch has been accepted into Debian, and there may be more work required to make patches acceptable.)


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