Making the Daily ISO work every day during development

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During 12.04 development we will strive to ensure that Ubuntu Desktop works each day so that everyone can reasonably make progress with their development goals, rather than being blocked by poor quality in different areas of the product.

The flow as I envision it would go:
1. The ISO is testing in the morning for Europe
2. If the ISO is found to be acceptable, the QA reports such
3. If the ISO is found to be hard to use or test, the QA team reports as such
4. Ubuntu Engineering then investigates which package caused the breakage
5. The package that caused the ISO Is reverted
6. The ISO is rebuilt and step 1 starts again

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I think we need to figure out the following:

1. What constitutes "breaking" Ubuntu? For example, does it mean you can't install or upgrade, the desktop won't start, or simply that there is an issue that makes it hard to use? A clear definition of the quality bar will be necessary.

2. How are we going to do the testing?

3. How are we going to revert the packages?

4. How are we going to kick off the rebuilds?

5. Who will be responsible for finding out what issues are causing the breakages, and deciding what to revert before a rebuild?

6. How will we display whether it is "safe" to upgrade at any one time?

7. Others?


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