ubiquity / oem-config changes for arm devices

Registered by Dimitri John Ledkov

Ubiquity can be used on ARM devices either to install (e.g. Panda Boards) or to perform initial user configuration (oem-config mode).

What changes are needed for ubiquity?

* Lower memory footprint ?
* Faster configuration ?
* Design changes in steps ?
* Fullscreen-mode ?

The 12.10 slide decks of ubiquity and oem-config are available here:

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Steve Langasek
Dimitri John Ledkov
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Dimitri John Ledkov
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Accepted for raring
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Session notes:
* https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Ubiquity

* upon installing pre-installed machine & after oem config the hostname is changed, we need to restart:
   - syslog
   - network-manager
   - restart starton hostname ( we don't know rdepends )

* no slideshow screen
--- "hacker" mode
--- static GtkBuf picture

What happens if the user selects a language like Chinese?
  --- this fully works now on the desktop image

* how to test the device with the oem-config‽
* how to drop metacity from the nexus image? (ubiquity with no window management, or launch ubiquity from the session)

 Out of Scope Identified Issues:
 * not touch friendly (DUH)
 * location widget (oh =( )


Work Items

Work items:
[jamesodhunt] research what services would need to be restarted when the hostname changes (non-trivial, just reboot): DONE
[xnox] implement reboot in the oem-config: TODO
[xnox] if no keyboard is available, ask for onboard (gtk does it for us): DONE
[xnox] no slideshow mode (ux/design no optimal solution found yet): POSTPONED
[xnox] pre-seed the second-stage ("client") oem-config for QA: INPROGRESS
[xnox] allow to run installer in full-screen mode (optionally / hacker option) (ux/design no plan yet): POSTPONED
[ogra] test installer in full-screen mode with the panel (see above): POSTPONED
[xnox] check that wifi is setup before geo-ip lookup in second stage oem-config (wifi is offered): DONE
[xnox] really auto remove rdeps of the oem-config: TODO
[xnox] follow up with design team (new visuals are planned soon): DONE

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