Integration testing for the bootloader

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We would like automated integration testing of our bootloader for 12.10. Foundations will probably need to write these tests, with QA team providing guidance on the kind of tests to run.

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We would like automated integration testing of our bootloader for 12.10. Foundations will probably need to write these tests, with QA team providing guidance on the kind of tests to run.

* what infrastructure do we have for testing (QA team & Co)
 * real machines would have to be connected to a KVM to allow simulating pressing keys
 * technically possible, never tried as yet ([UPDATE] the KVM we use, Raritan Dominion KXII does not allow this type of access -- it uses a proprietary Java program to interface. It might be possible with a *serial* console, and we -- QA -- are getting it ready to use & try).
 * hardware vs. VMs: firmware-specific tests and anything that involves graphics will probably need hardware; other tests could be run on VMs
 * currently easiest to install from ISO with preseeding; can then feed in an updated test script
 * might make sense to write some autopkgtest tests for grub2, although these can only run on VMs
 * get BIOS images from vendors, use this within KVM (possibly more realistic in future with UEFI)
 * simulate rubbish video tables with SeaBIOS and/or our own UEFI builds

* what test cases do we want/need/require

== GRUB ==

   - Firmware type: UEFI, Mac EFI, BIOS
   - Various file systems: ext[234], FAT, NTFS, XFS, btrfs
   - Wubi: Jean-Baptiste had some automation for this, but needs to be ported to disk images
   - flicker-free (cameras?! video snapshots)
    - problems with native panel resolutions (either missing correct resolution, or broken)
   - intercepting VGA is troublesome because some systems will behave differently when emitting LCD vs. VGA; and it's not what the user is watching.
   - which resolution are we booting at (testing on multiple resolutions?)
   - multi-device (installing from USB, installation location, etc.) - best handled by installer unit tests
   - LVM, RAID, crypto?
   - regular boot, recovery, previous boot failed, booting alternate OS
   - UEFI: verify that escaping from top level returns to previous UEFI application
   - can be configured to read input from serial port
   - PXE support, including chainloading (pxelinux vs. grub2) -- doesn't MAAS test this a lot? Yes, and we also use COBBLER in the lab. Well, right now maas-provision *is* Cobbler.

=== Future work ===

 * Reserve some memory (or use UEFI variables) to pass GRUB instrumentation into kernel for later interrogation

== u-boot ==

 * Scriptable with a shell
   - Supports pre and post u-boot env run
 * serial port?
   - Generally the default for ARM
   - Can be tested using expect as well
 * Reading kernel from different storage types (micro-SD, USB)
   - Types: SD, eMMC, USB, SATA
   - Fs formats: ext[234], FAT
 * PXE support
   - Should also be tested by MAAS
   - Netboot install should probably be enough
 * Updating bootloader
   - Flash-kernel supports updating the boot loader itself, but it's generally not recommended
   - Update might be a good tthing to have once we start using PXE more and more over the time
 * /boot/boot.script (generating boot.scr)
 * device-tree support
   - Making sure the dt file is available for the kernel at the right location


Work Items

Work items:
[cjwatson] Write initial sample test (BIOS, default installation, does it boot at all): POSTPONED
[apw] Investigate kernel patch for pre-boot performance instrumentation (GRUB -> kernel): POSTPONED
[rsalveti] Check how Linaro is planning to test the u-boot support at ARM: POSTPONED
[canonical-qa] Set up test harness based on initial sample - use kernel sru or bootspeed test systems as a basis: POSTPONED
[hggdh2] try Raritan console scripting for testing in one of the kernel SRU machines (not possible with Raritan, may be possible with a the serial console interface): DONE
[cjwatson] Write test for recovery mode including whether the kernel was told not to do VT handoff: POSTPONED
[cjwatson] Write last-boot-failed test: POSTPONED
[canonical-foundations] Write lots more boot loader tests: POSTPONED
[ogra] Placeholder work item for u-boot test scripting: POSTPONED
Ensure that u-boot was installed properly (including setting various bits of firmware data; such as CPU speed data, device tree in place etc): POSTPONED
[canonical-qa] investigate screen capture/video recording solutions (screen flickering detection): POSTPONED
[cjwatson] Get information from jk on UEFI VM setup and prepare initial test harness: POSTPONED