Python 3 only on the 13.04 installation media

Registered by Barry Warsaw

This blueprint summarizes ongoing efforts to remove Python 2 from all Ubuntu installation media (formerly known as CD images :). While fantastic progress was made in 12.10, the job is not yet complete. We will be continuing the efforts for 13.04.

Here is the new spreadsheet for packages which need porting for 13.04:

Blueprint information

Steve Langasek
Barry Warsaw
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Barry Warsaw
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Accepted for raring
Good progress
Milestone target:
milestone icon ubuntu-13.04
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Barry Warsaw

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I have not copied the spreadsheet items to the work items, however feel free to do that and claim it if you start working on one. -barry

Transition tracker based on the master list:
Unknown - means does not depend on python3 for building/running the package
Good - build depends on python3 and binary depends on python3 as well

Porting spreadsheet for 13.04:

See also for the Ubuntu 12.10 blueprint.

From UDS-R:

Xapian - options
 * all bytes
 * any of the other xapian bindings? (nah all are wrappers on top of the xapian-in-repo binding)
 * audit the s/c api usage and do a quick and dirty manual wrapping

 * uses a plugin system so some usages are out of our control
 * no way to know 3rd party plugins
 * indexing and queries, not too much use of xapian

  * should be ignoreable

Related GnomeGoal for porting to Python 3:
* gedit upstream already ported to Python 3:

Release Notes:


Work Items

Work items:
[barry] Remove dependencies on GnuPGInterface (except for LP: #1076960): DONE
[broder] Talk with ScottK (the answer is patches welcome) and look into splitting python-qt4 by Qt modules ( DONE
[alecu] buildslaves: DONE
[allison] contact PSF folks about making the upgrade story more appealing: TODO
[barry] port xapian to python 3: POSTPONED
[barry] Port duplicity: POSTPONED
[xnox] Finish porting usb-creator (still uses udisks1 though...): DONE
[till-kamppeter] Port system-config-printer (or replace it by gnome-control-center): POSTPONED
[barry] check libreoffice pyuno3 stability: DONE
[barry] dump libreoffice pyuno(2) - not until 14.04: POSTPONED
[xnox] investigate libvirt portability status (probably hard self-generating python bindings): DONE
[xnox] follow up with cjwatson to see if ndiswrapper gui can be dropped from cd (emailed ubuntu-devel): DONE
[xnox] review spreadsheet list for completeness (next updated): DONE
[allison] Write article about convincing library developers to port to Python 3: TODO
[barry] Write article about convincing library developers to port to Python 3: DONE
[allanlesage] Ping PS to see if someone can help with xapian port: TODO
[barry] Update wiki pages & socialize intermediate steps: DONE
[doko] Investigate why reportlab is on the cd and if it can be dropped (hplip, when removed, no fax and pdf): DONE
[barry] work on ports from will-not-port libraries to newer libraries (oauth, simplejson): DONE
[barry] Find out what duplicity and deja-dup plans are for 13.04: DONE
[barry] check w/bjorn about libreoffice requirements for py2 on cd: DONE
[barry] publicize porting story, especially for library developers: DONE