Plans for Python 3.3 (and 3.4) availability

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Python 3.3 was released on September 28, 2012, unfortunately not in time for it to be the default Python 3 in 12.10, although it is available as the python3.3 package. We should make Python 3.3 the default version of Python 3 for 13.04 through 14.04.

Long term, if history is any guide, Python 3.4 could be released by March 2014, which is probably too late for 14.04 LTS, although we should make the alphas/betas available early in that cycle and switch to the final release by 14.04 final. Python 3.4 should probably *not* be the default Python 3 for 14.04.

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Only one Python 3 version for 14.04 LTS?

Will Python 3.4 ABI freeze be ready in time for 14.04? (ABI freeze probably 2 months before final release. Current tentative schedule is for Python 3.4 final in February 2014, putting ABI freeze, aka beta 1 in November 2013.

Wheezy+1 and 14.04 LTS Python 3 alignment - maybe!

Build failures with python3.3:<email address hidden>;tag=python3.3

* tentative (if 3.4 schedule holds): make 3.4 a supported version for 14.04 (to pick up extension modules)
* maybe (if we're really lucky with the schedule) make 3.4 default in 14.04
* 3.3 is default for 13.04
* we are going to drop 3.2 asap (a few rebuilds need to be rebuilt)

[kitterman] LTS is not the time to be aggressive about switching to a new default. Let's decide now that's for 14.10.

Release Notes:
* The only supported Python 3 version in 13.04 is Python 3.3. Python 2.7 continues to be the only supported Python 2 version.


Work Items

Work items:
[doko] Set up a ppa that barry and doko can upload to (and any other volunteers): DONE
[doko] Upload python-defaults in ppa switch to default use 3.3: DONE
[doko] Write script to pick up new uploads in the archive and "sync" those into the PPA for rebuilds: POSTPONED
[doko] make sure test-suites are run at build time (well we didn't disable any): DONE
[doko] run runtime test-suites ( DONE
[doko] to check on whether extensions need source changes for the change to flexible strings in python3.3 (no changes were needed): DONE
[barry] work with Debian python (apps/modules) teams for python3.3 migration and identify how best to provide feedback regarding ppa builds (all patches forwarded, and common problems advertised): DONE
make sure universal_newlines behavior change affecting stdin doesn't cause regressions in the distro (did run tests, did identify problem in python-apt, needs first archive rebuild): DONE
make the cut from 3.2 to 3.3 in a single rebuild, not in a two-stage rebuild.: DONE
[doko] drop 3.2 supported version: DONE
[xnox] push patches & explanation to debian: DONE
[barry] advertise 3.3 only in 13.04: DONE
[barry] LP: #1026203 is critical: DONE
[xnox] file a bug: py3versions --py3 --supported or something should generate all supported py3s with the default 3.x replaced with 3 and always last in the order debbug 692393 : DONE
[xnox] finish transition: DONE
[doko] finish transition: DONE
[barry] track piotr's uploads to experimental for pybuild & dh_auto*, and put those in raring: DONE
[xnox] file a bug: py3versions --py3 --supported or something should generate all supported py3s with the default 3.x replaced with 3 and always last in the order ( DONE